Slow Today – Due to Deputy Editor Dawg Slacking

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Big Pal 

Just a quick heads-up post to let you all know that I’m a little slow today – as my big pal and Deputy Editor Dawg is slacking off. Actually, he’s just had a surgery done today to remove an object from his intestine.

He’d been feeling out of sorts and throwing up off and on for several days, and often lacking appetite and energy – two things he usually has in abundance. I took him into our excellent local vet last week and they thought it was just a bit of GI upset and it would likely pass in a day or two. Yesterday he got notably worse, so I took him back in this morning. The vet thought she felt something not right in his intestine and an x-ray confirmed he had something lodged there.

They’ve just finished surgery on him and removed a chunk of a ball that he managed to swallow God knows when. The surgery went well and he’s a big lad who’s strong as an ox – so I hope he’ll be fit as a fiddle again after a couple weeks of recovery.

I’ve only spent a couple hours in my home office today without him and nothing seems right when he’s not around. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve turned around to say something to him only to remember he’s not there. Hopefully he’ll be back at home this evening – as he’s already sorely missed.

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15 thoughts on “Slow Today – Due to Deputy Editor Dawg Slacking”

  1. Sorry about Deputy Dawg. Mine was in last week for a little “procedure.” Nothing is right with the world when the best friend isn’t at 100%!

  2. Thanks Ann and Chris! And Ann that’s exactly how I feel. Who else is going to listen to my nonsense and wag their tail at me while he’s not up to par?

  3. Poor D. E. Dawg! And poor you! I know what it is to be missing your dog — I’ve been missing my dog, Orson the Destroyer, while I’ve been on the road these past six weeks. ‘Course, I also know he’s okay. And you have a lot to be grateful for as well. Once upon a time, I saw an X-ray of a German shepherd that had swallowed a hammer — a CLAW hammer!

  4. Oh, sad. :( Hope he feels better soon.

    Love that face, even though it shows he doesn’t feel good.

    My heart goes out to you; it’s awful to see them in distress, etc.

    1. Thanks Shannan. He came home pretty beat up last night after his surgery, but he is already a lot better this morning.

  5. Hope Dawg feels better soon! Wishing him a speedy and easy recovery. Thanks for your website , btw.

    1. Goldens are a great breed. There’s a handsome one two doors away who often plays with my big guy. My guy is on the mend now – getting a little more like himself each day.

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