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We are your favorite iPad Blog right? No, – don’t answer that – just a rhetorical question. I’m hoping that this is one of your favorite places to go for iPad information, and that you might even want to check out more cool ways to follow the site, just in case you don’t already use them.

At the top of our right sidebar, you’ll see the four handsome social icons shown above. These of course are links to …

Subscribe: The Just Another iPad Blog RSS feed – if you use Google Reader or any of the many good RSS apps for your iPad, this is the best way to keep up with all of our daily posts on iPad news, iPad app reviews, iPad tips and tricks, and all the res of our original content.

Give Us a Facebook Like: Our site Facebook page – if you haven’t checked it out yet, it would be great if you could give it  a look and a like.

Follow Us: The site’s Twitter account is @justipadblog. Follow us there for article links and general short, sharp iPad talk.

Check Out a Few Videos: We’ve done a handful of video demos on apps and iPad features.

You can also …

Come Join our Live Podcast on Sunday Nights: Every Sunday at 10PM Eastern we’re live with The Magical Revolutionary iPad Show. You can call in live to let us know your thoughts and ask questions, do the same via live chat in a browser, or just kick back and listen to us ramble on about all things iPad.

And hopefully after all that you’ll still find time to keep visiting here and offering your opinions via the comments.

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