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Here’s another quick weekly reminder on the best ways to follow us. I hope you’re enjoying the articles here and if you are that you may want to follow the site so you don’t miss any of them.

Subscribing to our RSS feed is one the best and easiest ways to make sure you’re aware of every new post that gets published here.

rss2– Our RSS feed is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/JustAnotherIpadBlog. You can just click on the handsome little button for it at the top of our right sidebar and add it to your favorite RSS reader app so you never miss any of our great app reviews, iPad tips, or iPad accessory reviews.

Here are more easy ways to follow us:

facebook2– Our Facebook page is here: http://on.fb.me/jtjHbX. We post article links there as well, along with photos and screencaps of latest apps and accessories reviewed. We also run some spur-of-moment giveaway contests on the Facebook page. You can also like our Facebook page via the widget near the bottom of our right sidebar.

twitter2– Our Twitter account is @iPadInsightBlog – follow us for links to latest articles and occasional NBA and general sports trash talking and such, or gloating about how great a town Austin is.

You can also add us to your iPad or iPhone home screens, for quick single tap access, by just browsing to iPad Insight, tapping the standard Share button, and tapping on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ item.

Google For those of you who are on Google+, you can find me there as Patrick Jordan.

I’m doing this ‘blogging thing’ pretty much full-time now, so if any of you would like to support those efforts or feel this site is worthy of a small donation, there’s also a handy PayPal Donate button just a little farther down the sidebar than the Facebook widget.

iPadInsightonFlipboardIf you’re a user of the superb Flipboard iPad magazine, it’s now even easier to find us on there too. iPad Insight is featured in the Tech & Science section and we’re the first recommended site of you search for iPad.

Hope you’re all having a great Saturday.

Patrick Jordan

Founder and Editor in Chief of iPad Insight. Husband, father to a lovely daughter, Commander of the Armies of the North, dog lover (especially Labs), Austinite, former Londoner, IT consultant, huge sports nut, iPad and mobile tech blogger, mobile apps junkie.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Reminder on Best Ways to Follow Us”

  1. I’m sure that you get a lot of search traffic, which is why you’re putting up posts like this so often, but it’s kind of annoying to your existing subscribers to see the same “reminder” (aka plea for new readers/subscribers) over and over.

    1. Sorry to hear you feel that way Walt. Once a week doesn’t strike me as over the top, but I’ll give it some more thought.

      This is pretty much my day job now though, so yes I’m striving to build site traffic.

        1. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll always do my best to keep up the great work, and I’ll think on whether to keep these weekly or perhaps go bi-weekly.

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