Sponsor: Centrallo productivity app for iPad – Organize, Centralize, Prioritize,and Share Your Life

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Centrallo today officially released their global productivity tool that helps people organize, centralize, prioritize and share their lives. Developed over the past few years, Centrallo is a better, more modern alternative to the leading productivity tools on the market today. Built originally to solve the founder’s personal, professional and life organizational challenges, Centrallo provides a flexible and simple tool that will fit anyone’s organizational habits – and we’re offering iPad Insight readers a free premium subscription for 6 months to try it out!

Centrallo is loaded with a variety of both basic and advanced features to help people:

  • Structure and organize information better
  • Focus on their priorities
  • Retrieve anything, anywhere quickly
  • Centralize cloud-based content
  • Save time and improve quality of life

Features include:

  • Simple note creation
  • Drag and drop list creation
  • Unlimited hierarchical lists (lists within lists)
  • List sharing at any hierarchal level
  • Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive integration
  • Photo, video, voice, calendar, PDF and Office attachments
  • Prioritization of notes and lists
  • Password protection
  • Location-based reminders
  • Widget for quickly adding from external sources
  • Notification Center tool for easy access and adding
  • Fast search for active, archived and deleted content
  • Email and link forwarding to private Inbox
  • Self-publishing to private web link, Twitter, Facebook, Email and SMS
  • Cross platform instant synchronization

Simply sign up from any device – iPhone or iPad here, Android here or Web here. To receive your six-month free premium subscription, then go to www.centrallo.com, then Settings, then enter promo code: ipadinsight.

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  1. Thank you for the promo code!! Loving the premium storage subscription and really loving Centrallo. Thanks for the heads up!

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