Sponsor: Is 2014 The Year of No More Touchscreen Fingerprints? (Part 2) It’s up to you…

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Mobille Cloth

Mobile Cloth really loves the feel of a clean touchscreen. This offer has been so popular we wanted to extend it for those who did not catch the first time. 2014 is officially the year of clean touchscreens and the Mobile Cloth Z5. A redesigned, refined, colorized MC that is getting praise around the world! Whether you are a newbie tablet user or an old veteran you know how quickly your beautiful high def touch displays get very low def due to fingerprints and smudges, not to mention germs. Pickup up some new Mobile Cloths and you need not worry. One or two swipes and your screen will look good as new. No need for spray or elbow grease.

MOBiLE CLOTH is safe to use on the most sensitive surfaces, removes up to 98% of germs with no chemicals, and is durable and washable.

“5 out of 5 stars” -Beatweek Magazine
“Magic Cloth” -Mac Magazine Brazil

For a limited time you will receive a Free MC “nano” 2 pack ($9.99 value) and free shipping with any purchase over $15.00
Use Promo Code: NEWYEAR


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