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Big thanks to Mobile Cloth for sponsoring the site’s RSS feed this week.

The iPad, for all its many virtues and capabilities, is a huge fingerprint and smudge magnet. A good cleaning cloth is pretty much a must-have companion for it – and Mobile Cloth are easily the best I’ve seen. They’ve been keeping my iPad and iPhone screens (and my iPhone camera lens) clean for ages now. I’ve even got an iPad Insight branded set of little and large sizes. The little guy (MC Nano) comes with me whenever I take the iPad out and about and the large one is never far away from my desk at home.

Mobile Cloth prices start at $6.99 for a 2 pack and they offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. Check them out at

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Cloth”

  1. I bought a Mobile Cloth for all of my iPad users at work and we were all amazed at how well they work. They are simply fantastic.

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