Thanks to This Week’s RSS Sponsor: Mobile Cloth

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I’ve just recently started doing RSS feed sponsorship here on JAiB. My goal with the feed sponsorship is to have lots of good sponsors whose products, whether they’re iPad apps or accessories, I feel good about endorsing.

Happily, one of our first new feed sponsors is Mobile Cloth. These are the folks who make a microfiber cleaning cloth for the iPad and iPhone and other mobile devices that is simply the best one I’ve seen. It even prompted me to do a review post asking how excited I’m allowed to be about a microfiber cloth

If you own an iPad you know that it’s a magnet for smudges and fingerprints. Mobile Cloth gets your screen clean and smudge-free easier and quickly. So even though it’s not the most glamorous of iPad accessories, it’s one of my favorites.

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3 thoughts on “Thanks to This Week’s RSS Sponsor: Mobile Cloth”

  1. I bought a 5 pack (they gave me 6) of Mobile Cloth’s and they are fantastic. I’ve given several away as gifts and the receivers usually seem surprised I gave them a cloth, but I get really positive feedback by the next day.

    Just careful where you put them! I stuck one in my bag and it came out covered in crap (cleaned my bag though!) :)

  2. As I mentioned in the comments to a previous post, I ordered a bunch of these and have been quite pleased with them. They may not be sexy, but they work great.

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