Mobile Cloth – Your iPad Screen’s BFF

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Thanks to Mobile Cloth for sponsoring our RSS feed again this week.

The iPad display is a thing of beauty, whether it’s the original, the iPad mini, or the top of the line retina display on the iPad 3 and 4. It’s also unfortunately a major magnet for fingerprints, smudges, and all sorts of pesky germs from all of our tapping, swiping and miscellaneous touching.

Mobile Cloth is the easiest and fastest way to keep your iPad screen clean and free of all that muck. I’ve been singing its praises ever since I first wrote about it two years ago and asked how excited you’re allowed to be about cleaning cloths.

Ever since then, Mobile Cloth has been a reliable friend for all my iPads.

They come in standard handkerchief sort of size or a smaller Nano size. Prices start at $8.99 for a 2 pack and there’s free shipping with a minimum purcase at

iPad Insight readers enter promo code GOBBLE for Free shipping and 30% OFF all orders over $25 (Free shipping USA only, excludes custom product, expires 11/29)

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One thought on “Mobile Cloth – Your iPad Screen’s BFF”

  1. I buy lens cloths at Walmart for $3 and have used them for both my iPads for 2 years and they are excellent and no shipping charges.

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