Optimize Your iDevice Space and Improve Performance: iMyfone Umate

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How to recover space for your iPad: Clean junk and temporary files, clear app caches/cookies, compress photos losslessly

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Have you had the problem where iPad keeps prompting “insufficient memory”? When you install Apps, store photos or play games, iPad repeatedly prompts not you there isn’t enough space. What can you do? Deleting old photos or Apps might not be the best solution for you. Actually, your iOS accumulates many junk, cache files, corrupted files and other redundant and irrelevant data over time you use your iPad, which eats up huge space that you might never notice. Also those data are usually the main culprit for slowing down your iDevices. Wiping off those hidden data on your iPad thoroughly will free up a lot of storage and while your iPad gets refreshed.

There is a good solution for this problem, iMyfone Umate iPad cleaner. It’s an effective and efficient tool to optimize your iOS. This revolutionary tool will help you manage your apps, photos, remove junk files, delete large files, delete temporary files and among others. The following guide summarizes the already simple process of using iMyfone Umate to optimize your device’s space and also improve device performance.

STEP 1: Connecting Your iDevice

iMyfone Umate will only recognize your device if you have iTunes installed. Once that is sorted, plug your iDevice to your computer with your lightning connector cable with iMyfone Umate already installed and running.


STEP 2: Scan Your Device

Full-space analysis scan allows you see how much space is used on your iPad and the gains you’ll get for taking a particular space-saving action on iMyfone Umate. You can do this by clicking on the green “Quick Scan” button. iMyfone Umate uses 25 analysis technology to scan and analyze how much space you can free up on your iDevice.


STEP 3: Clear Your Device

You have the option to perform all your space-saving actions from the home screen. Another option is to navigate to the individual tabs to perform the space-saving actions selectively. Either way, the results remain the same – improved device performance and more storage for more media and activities.

3.1 Clean Junk Files

Clicking the “Clean” button from the home screen will show you all the junk files occupying space on your device as shown below:


iMyfone Umate shows you the files, as well as a detailed description. It’s your decision to choose the files you’ll have removed by checking and unchecking the check box beside each file type. Once you’ve selected the files, click “Clean”.


3.2 Remove Temporary Files

The steps to remove temporary files are similar to the steps to remove junk files. Click “Clean” and the process begin to sweep off temporary files off your storage space.


3.3 Handling Photos

Media, photos in particular, may occupy much of iDevice space. iMyfone Umate gives users two options to manage their photos – “Backup and Compress” or “Backup and Delete”.


3.3.1 Backup and Compress

To compress your photos and reduce their overall size by 75%, use this option. Click on the “Backup & Compress” button, select all the pictures you’ll have backed up and compressed and click “Start”.

Compared with the original photos, the compressed photos have no quality loss.


As it compresses your pictures – releasing 75% of photo space – you will see just how much space is being saved.

3.3.2 Backup and Delete

If you would rather have your photos stored on your Personal Computer and removed from your iDevice then you should select this option. Click “Backup & Delete”; select the pictures you want to delete from the next window and click “Start”.


3.4 Delete Large Files

Large files are video and audio files occupying more than 5MB on your device. iMyfone Umate scans your device and will find out all the large files more than 5MB. Before deletion, you can also use the tool to back up the files on your computer.

3.5 Remove Unwanted Apps

Remove redundant apps and cache files associated with them. As always, you can select the apps you no longer use or need and click the “Remove” button.

After you perform the space-saving actions with iMyfone Umate, you will reclaimed a major part of your storage and get your iPad to run faster. Your device will have improved performance and you can use that space for new stuff. iMyfone Umate is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It will help you clean up your iDevice so your iOS device optimized.

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  1. It frees up 8 GB space for me by cleaning junks, temporary files and cache. What impress me most is it compresses hundreds of photos without quality loss. Great app!

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