Track is a Time Tracking APP Any Normal Human Can Use

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Some people just want the simplest possible tool for the job. When it comes to tracking your time, Track – Simple Time Tracking & Invoicing is that simple tool.

With Track, you can start tracking your time in less than a few seconds. You simply create a task, start it, and let the timer run until you are finished.

Most other tools would make you:

  • Create an account
  • Setup projects
  • Setup task categories
  • Manage clients
  • Figure out an hourly rate

Track is unique because it lets you get down to business right away. It doesn’t want to sign you up for some spammy email list, and it doesn’t care about your street address or grandmother’s friends. Track is a simple tool that helps you stay productive.

Using Track

At the beginning of your work day, Track will select the current date, and it will give you a clean slate to start from. As you create more tasks, they will get assigned to the current work day.

Track forces you to work on one thing at a time. If you start another timer or create a new task, Track will start tracking the new task and stop tracking the older task. This will help keep you focused during your work day.

Organizing your tasks

Track automatically organizes your tasks, showing you the ones you have most recently worked on first. This makes it really easy to switch between tasks because you won’t need to search for the tasks you’re most likely to start back up again. They’ll be right there in your list.

Once the work day is finished, Track stores your tasks on that date. To find your tasks, just go to the calendar, tap on a date, and there they are.

Editing & Deleting tasks

To edit or delete a task, just swipe left on the task. A menu will appear with the “edit” or “delete” options.

Track lets you edit your task description and the total time spent. This is can be really helpful if you accidentally leave a timer on overnight.

In fact, Track has a feature that detects when you have left a timer running for a really long period of time. The next time you use the app, Track will stop the timer and give you a friendly reminder to edit your time.

Sharing your tasks

The share button makes it easy to share your tasks & time totals. Just tap on it, and a menu with your share options will appear.

Track lets you share your tasks for

  • Today
  • Any Date
  • This Week
  • This Month

This can be handy if you have boss or client who wants a daily or weekly report on your activities. With Track, you can send an email or an iMessage with your tasks in less than 30 seconds. The same thing would take much longer if you were to use spreadsheets to track your time.


You can also add an invoice to your tasks by flicking the “billable” switch. Just enter an hourly rate for your tasks, and then pick a sharing option. Your shared tasks will include an invoice amount at the bottom.

There are a lot of other apps that do invoicing and time tracking. Track is different because it doesn’t make you sign up for an account or pay a monthly subscription fee just to use these services. You buy Track once, and you use it as long as you need to.

Is Track for you?

If you just want a simple time tracking tool you can use to keep track of your goals, communicate with colleagues, and send the occasional invoice, Track could be a good choice. Its clean design does away with clutter and helps you focus on accomplishing more.

If you need a time tracking tool with all the bells & whistles, you might be disappointed with Track. It doesn’t let you create projects or categories, and there is no client management system. This can be nice because there’s no overhead to getting started, but some people are looking for all-in-one app for their business, and Track doesn’t really fit that mold.

Track is currently an iPad only app with plans to release an iPhone & Mac version with cloud sync in the coming year.

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  1. Hey, nice article and I’ll definitely give Track a try =] have you considered making a list of time tracking applications designed for iOS and Mac OS? I was using a few but sometimes i had the feeling like the optimization was not done well. Currently sticking with Timecamp and I find it very useful and intuitive, though I’m looking forward to try some new ones!

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