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App Store Hits 50 Billion Downloads: All Time Best Sellers for iPad

50 Billion App Store Downloads

Apple announced yesterday that the App Store hit the much-anticipated 50 billion app downloads milestone:

Apple® today announced that customers have downloaded over 50 billion apps* from the revolutionary App Store℠. Customers are downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over two billion apps per month on the App Store.

In iTunes on the desktop you can see a listing of the Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps and Free Apps, with separate listings for iPad apps and iPhone apps. There are no huge surprises in the iPad Top 25 list, but here’s a few things I find interesting:

Skype for iPad is the Number 1 All-Time Free App. I think Skype’s iPad app is great, better than its desktop version – but I’m still a little surprised to see it right at the all-time chart.

— 10 of the Top 25 paid are not games, and 6 out of those 10 are Apple apps – Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie, and iPhoto. Another reminder of the huge piles of money Microsoft is leaving on the table by not bringing Office to iOS.

— Facebook is Number 6 on the Top Free list – I’m a little surprised it’s not higher.

— Angry Birds HD and Angry Birds HD Free are the highest listed games in the Paid and Free lists.

Anyone want to start a pool on when downloads hit 100 billion?

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Age Ratings Now More Prominent in iPad App Store

Age Ratings in iPad App Store

Last week Apple made some minor adjustments to the layout of iPad and iOS App Store pages. One of the more notable changes is in the way that age ratings for apps are presented – they’ve been made a little more prominent.

Age rating details are now displayed much higher up on the App Store window for individual apps – just below the app title and developer name. This follows closely on another recent update that made it easier to see which apps offer In-App purchases.

Now both of these bits of information – age rating and the indicator for apps with In-App purchase – are right up in the top section of the app window.

These changes should be good news for many iPad and iOS App Store users, and especially for parents.

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iPad Tips: How to Change Your iTunes Store Location


This is a question I see come up a lot in iPad and iOS forums: how to change your location for iTunes and the App Store. Luckily, it’s very easy to do – right on the iPad itself. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app on your iPad.

— Tap on the entry for iTunes & App Stores in the left sidebar – as shown above.

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Looks Like iOS 6.1 Update Fixed the App Store Purchased Section Loading Issue

iPad Purchased Not on This iPad

It looks like the iOS 6.1 update has fixed the longstanding problem with the App Store Purchased section not loading. As I posted about recently this issue was affecting numerous users and was a known issue that Apple’s engineering team has been working on.

After the iOS 6.1 update I can once again load the Purchased section in the App Store on my iPad 3 and iPad mini. I can get both tabs of the section to load too – the All tab and ‘Not on This iPad’.

It still takes quite a while to load each page (a minute or more) and sometimes switching between tabs will make the App Store app crash back to the home screen – but most of the time it is working OK for me.

For those of you who were seeing this problem before, what are your results when trying this after the iOS 6.1 update?

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Can’t Access Purchased Section in iPad App Store: Apple Says It’s a Known Issue with ‘Extensive Purchase History’

iPad App Store Purchased section

Have you had problems getting the App Store Purchased section to load on your iPad? Spent time staring at a screen like the one shown above just saying ‘Loading’ for a long while and then the App Store app crashes back to the home screen? Me too. On both my iPad mini and my iPad 3 for at least several weeks now.

I’ve rebooted the iPads more than once, hard rebooted them, and signed out and back in to my Apple ID account in the App Store. I’ve also searched and noted that there are numerous threads on this issue – here’s just one example: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4313321?start=15&tstart=0.

So today I decided to call Apple Support about it. I’ll offer full details below, but the short story is that Apple’s Engineering team is aware of the issue and is working on a number of reported cases. Mine was ‘escalated’ and added to those cases this morning. The issue appears to be with those of us who have what an Apple senior advisor called an ‘extensive purchase history’ when it comes to iPad and iOS apps. My purchase history shows 1,212 iPad apps and 1,276 iPhone apps – so it looks like I qualify.

The only suggested workaround right now is to open up iTunes on a PC and sync any apps you previously purchased and want to get back onto your iPad or other iDevice.

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Latest Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Errors: Apple Techs Working on It

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store

The infamous ‘Cannot connect to iTunes Store’ errors have been a frequent issue for many iPad and iOS users for months now. I did a post on the Best Fixes for Cannot connect to iTunes store errors back in August – and those fixes have resolved the problem for many users.

Today I’m seeing the error specifically when trying to use Search in the iPad App Store, as are lots of other iOS users. I can still update apps and install new apps without a problem – but as soon as I tap in the search bar I get the error, and of course cannot carry out any searches.

I’ve tried all the fixes listed in my best fixes post and they don’t solve today’s issue – which looks like another issue at Apple’s side. I’ve spoken to Apple support today and they have verified that they can reproduce the issue, that their techs are aware of it, and they’re working on it. There is currently no ETA on when it is expected to be resolved and I couldn’t get any details on what’s causing the issue.

Have any of you seen this problem today with App Store searches? Or seen any fixes for it?

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Little Change in iPad App Store Is Big Improvement In Navigation


Every Thursday Apple refreshes the content in the Featured area of the iPad App Store. Yesterday’s update included a very nice little change to navigation in the Featured and Categories sections.

In the Featured area, in the New and Noteworthy and Staff Favorites sections, you used to see six picks at a time – and then have to tap on little arrows to move forward or back one page. This was always a little tedious and slow. Now you can just swipe left and right to move through the pages. This is much smoother, faster, and nicer to work with.

The change has also been applied to the What’s Hot and Release Date tabs of the Featured area. And to the Categories sections.

Although it’s only a minor change to the iPad App Store, I think it’s a very welcome one. Navigating through pages of apps is now much faster. That’s got to be good for users and for developers as the smoother experience should help app discovery.

The change also kills of an irritating problem with the old navigation method. When you were several pages deep into a section and you hit the back arrow it would often dump you back on the very first screen, rather than the previous one. This is no longer an issue with swiping through pages.

Had you already noticed this change to iPad App Store navigation? Happy with it?

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Apple Retreats on App Store Subscriptions Policy


Just a couple weeks before its widely-criticized new subscription policies were due to take effect in the App Store, Apple has retreated and made the policy much more palatable for publishers like Amazon and many others.

Apple has quietly changed its guidelines on the pricing of In-App Subscriptions on the App Store. There are no longer any requirements that a subscription be the "same price or less than it is offered outside the app". There are no longer any guidelines about price at all. Apple also removed the requirement that external subscriptions must be also offered as an in-app purchase.

This news comes in the same week that we learned that one big publisher – The Financial Times – had opted out of the App Store route and gone with a new web app.

It’s very good to see Apple backing off on this issue. The iPad is an amazing device for a number of reasons, but having great content created for it and published on it is certainly one of them. Driving publishers away with overly aggressive and seemingly excessively greedy policies never seemed a good idea.

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App Store Now Has a Section for AirPlay-Enabled Apps


Now that iOS has been out for a few days, a few 3rd party apps have been updated to support it. And the App Store now has a special section to showcase those apps that have done so. The section is called ‘Great AirPlay-Enabled Apps’ and you can find it in the Featured tab of the App Store, just above the Staff Favorites area.

The list is not very long or very impressive just now. It’s good to see iMovie in here but it’s one of Apple’s own apps of course. The only 3rd party app that caught my eye is ESPN The Magazine. I gave it a quick go and it works fine.

Your Apple TV will need an update too, in order to enable this new AirPlay support for 3rd party apps. I hadn’t updated mine in a while and it refused to play videos from the ESPN app when I first tried; then it prompted that an update was available. Once that was applied, videos from ESPN The Magazine played nicely on my big screen.

Have you tried out any of these AirPlay-enabled apps yet?

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Apple Not Happy with Game Publisher Over In-App Purchases?


From a report at Apple Insider yesterday:

Apple has reportedly had "strong words" with publisher Capcom about in-app purchases in the free iPhone and iPad children’s game "Smurfs’ Village," and is said to be considering adjusting iTunes account login times after receiving complaints from parents.

Citing a "well placed source," PocketGamer.biz reported Wednesday that Apple has taken notice of "accidental" in-app purchases of Capcom’s "Smurfs’ Village." As of Wednesday, the free application, last updated Feb. 4, ranked third among the "Top Grossing" applications on the iPhone App Store.

"Apple has told Capcom in no uncertain terms that its freemium children’s game has been causing problems with an increasingly significant number of parents who have complained that their children have been racking up large amounts of in-app purchases without their knowledge," the report said.

I’m not at all surprised that this sort of issue is making waves in the App Store. In-App purchases – especially in games such as this one aimed at young kids – have always seemed like trouble waiting to happen. I’ve also seen this problem first-hand, as my wife and I initially tried the honor system with our daughter (she’s only 7.5 years old) in her usage of an iPod Touch and an iPad she shares with her mom. We set out some clear guidelines for her – that included making In-App purchases forbidden – but we still had a couple of slipups. Slipups that lead to silly amounts of money being spent on ‘mojo’ and the like in games that make it easy to buy your way up through their levels.

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2D Boy Shares Their Views on Life in the iOS App Store

The guys at 2D Boy, the developers of the multi-platform hit game World of Goo, have posted an article on their blog detailing their experiences leading up to, during, and after the release of the game for the iPad. This article is a really informative look at the dynamics of the App Store, complete with breakdowns of customer feedback and expectations for apps on the platform, sales figures, price point, rankings, profits, and publicity. If you have ever wanted an inside look at the inner-workings of the iOS App Store, and what a developer goes through and has to consider from development, to release, to post-mortem, then you should definitely take a look.

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