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App Store Adds Featured Section for Coffee Table Apps


The iPad lends itself very nicely to apps that feel like they would make make great coffee table books. And now the App Store has a featured section for just such apps.

Some of Apple’s picks for the new section are not ones that I would’ve chosen, but others are definitely on my list of favorites for apps of this type as well. Here’s a quick top-of-the-head list of some of my favorite iPad coffee table apps (I’ll make this into a separate post sometime soon):

  • Art Authority
  • Life
  • Life Wonders of the World
  • Guardian Eyewitness
  • Ansel Adams
  • Ultimate Dinopedia

I haven’t spotted it yet on the iPad itself but in iTunes on the desktop you’ll find this new section just below the What’s Hot section.

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iPad App Store Now Has Search Filters

iPad App Store search filters

The iPad App Store just got a bit smarter. It now offers five search filters you can use when you’re trying to track down an app. The filters are:

  • Category
  • Release Date
  • Customer Rating
  • Price
  • Device

Under Release Date you can choose All, Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days, or Last 31 Days. On Customer Ratings you can see All, or 2+ Stars, 3+ Stars, 4+ Stars, or 5 Stars. For Price you can look at All, Free, or Paid. And on Device, you can see iPad, iPhone, or All.

So if you only want to see 3+ star rated apps released over the last week, for iPad only, with a few taps you’re all set.

You don’t need to update or do anything to see the new search filters. They’ve been added at Apple’s end and are ready, willing, and able to get working for you in the iPad App Store now.

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Review: World of Goo for the iPad

If you have a Wii like I do, or if you are a frequent purveyor of PC puzzle games, you might already be familiar with 2D Boy’s underdog hit World of Goo. If so, you are probably aware of all the accolades that it has racked up over the three years since its original release on the Wii.

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There Are Right Around 60,000 iPad Apps Now


MacStories highlighted some current headline numbers for numbers of apps in the App Store yesterday:

Looking at the “All-Time Top iPhone Apps” charts Apple updated earlier today, I noticed two interesting numbers worth to be shared: Apple is listing the actual number of free and paid iPhone apps available in the App Store. There are 306,554 iPhone apps available, and 201,635 of them are paid apps. These numbers are noteworthy as Apple rarely provides official stats of the iPhone App Store: they announced the 300,000 apps milestone on November 22 with the release of iOS 4.2 but there never was an easy way to instantly check on the exact number of apps available in the Store.

Their post also mentions that there are just under 60,000 ‘native’ iPad apps in the store. I’m assuming that number includes universal apps, design for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. According to MacStories’ numbers, iPad apps are on track to hit 100,000 just a little quicker than iPhone apps did (in 14 months rather than 15).

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Flipboard is App Store App of the Week


Flipboard – the excellent social news app for the iPad – is the current App of the Week in the App Store. It presents news in a magazine-like style and lets you customize the sources you pull from and have your Twitter and Facebook streams included as content sources. Here’s a little more from its App Store description:

Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. See your social media in a magazine layout that is easy to scan and fun to read. Share articles and photos, comment on posts, and like or favorite anything. Customize your Flipboard with sections created from your favorite people, lists and blogs on Twitter.

I’ve been using the app since it launched and like it a lot, it’s an everyday read for me.

You can find Flipboard in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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Best App Store Policy Statement. Ever.


Apple’s newly published guidelines for the App Store review process provide a candid, plainly written summary of the company’s policies on iOS software, including the blunt statement in the introduction: "We don’t need anymore Fart apps."

Amen to that!

News via: Apple Insider

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App Store Adds New Sections to Help with App Discovery

App Store Newsstand section

The App Store for the iPad and the iPhone has added several new featured sections, to aid in app discovery.  I’m not sure exactly how new these are, but I’ve only just noticed them today – and I think they’re a very nice addition for the App Store.

The new sections include Newsstand, shown above, which showcases some of the leading newspaper, magazine, RSS reader and general news apps available for the iPad and iPhone.  It’s a great section if you’re a news and reading apps junkie like I am.

There are quite a few other helpful new sections as well – hit the break for some more examples …

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There Are Over 5,000 iPad Apps Now, Here’s Where You Can See That on the iPad

iPad App Store

So there are now a little over 5,400 iPad apps in the App Store, as of around 10 minutes ago. And there is now an easy way to keep up with how many iPad apps there are, right in the App Store on the iPad itself.

If you go to the Featured section of the App Store and press to go to the Release Date tab, it shows you that you are currently seeing, for instance, apps 1-12 of 5,407 – as shown in the screencap above.

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iPad App Store Adds Sort by Release Date

App Store sort by release date

The iPad App Store has been updated, and has added the ability to sort by the Release Date for apps.  This is a small but very cool addition – as it makes it much easier to see new apps as they come in – although it’s brand new so I’m not sure how often it gets updated (hopefully daily or more).

To see apps sorted by release date, go to the Features section of the App Store and you’ll see it as the third tab on the right at the top of the screen (alongside New and What’s Hot).

Update: As Andrew has kindly pointed out in the comments, you can also sort by release date within categories.  It is the second tab at the top of the screen within category sections. Very cool.

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iTunes App Store Now Gives You One-Click Switch Between iPad and iPhone Apps Browsing


Ah, the satisfaction that can be obtained just from the addition of a simple button and filter.  The iTunes App Store has just added just such a button.  The cute little toggle shown above, that lets you filter your view and see only iPad or iPhone apps while perusing the store.

This was one of my first complaints in rounding up my first impressions of the iPad App Store – as previously you would select to view iPad apps, look at an individual app’s details, and find when you returned to the parent section (Featured or What’s Hot or wherever) you were back to viewing all iPhone and iPad apps.

Nice to see Apple has provided this filtering feature so quickly.

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App Search Results Divided Nicely in App Store

App Store search results

One new thing I’ve noticed in the App Store, now that iPad apps are live in it, is that search results are divided nicely – so as you can see in the screenshot above iPhone results are labeled as just ‘Apps’ and iPad results are labeled ‘iPad Apps’.

I like this – it makes it easy to spot what you’re after.  I wish they’d do more clear divisions like this throughout the App Store now – so that it is easy to browse apps in only or other group when you want to.  It feels clumsy in this respect right now.

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