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Review: Shakespeare at Play for iPad


Shakespeare. A word that can strike terror, or delight into a person. For me, mainly terror as I endure flashbacks of my A-level English Literature teacher screaming “Potter! How is Caliban portrayed as evil?!” as I sat there looking shifty trying to adjust my Kurt Cobain style curtains (hair, not material).

The app Shakespeare at Play is an effort to use the strengths of the iPad to combine various types of media into one package to further the study of the Bard. The app comes with the text of several well known plays, and has the option to make an in-app purchase to upgrade to a video edition, and/or a notes edition, the latter containing lots of annotation which goes into depth with the text of the play. More on the in-app purchase issue later. Continue reading

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Review: StopMo Studio for iPad


Back in those halcyon days of long summer holidays (now sadly gone, oh wait, I’m a teacher!) I used to love remaking summer blockbuster movies with my Dad’s state of the art, 5 kilogram camcorder. One particular summer, I roped my Sister, Mum and dog/velociraptor into re-making Jurassic Park. For the T-Rex attack scene we emptied out our recently deceased gerbil’s cage, packed the bottom with mud and used mood lighting and a watering can to create the scene with a model of a T-Rex (free gift – thanks PG Tips!). However, we had no method of making the scene look good without physically holding the T-Rex toy, which ended up looking a bit rubbish. If YouTube, the iPad and the StopMo Studio app had been invented in 1993, all my problems would have been solved and I’d now be calling the shots in Hollywood.

However, back to reality. I have used a couple of other stop motion apps on the iPad, most notability the excellent Stop Motion Studio, and one of our teachers at school has used iMotion with fantastic results. I must say however, the NFB’s StopMo Studio (NFB standing for National Film Board…of Canada) is the best that I have used so far. It seems to be an app that has been very well thought out and it’s very slick as a result. Continue reading

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A look at Hitpad & Zite for iPad

Flipboard for iPad has set the bar quite high for up and coming news aggregating iPad apps who aim to imitate their secret formula: a simple clean elegant UI, fun and compelling to use, one that makes you keep coming back for the experience. I recently discovered two apps – Zite and Hitpad – that both aim to please in much the same way as Flipboard does, bringing news you can use in an iPad-friendly smart-swiping way. The two have slightly different approaches – I can’t help wondering which one will find a permanent place in my app habits. Continue reading

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3 ways to enjoy Instagram on iPad today


One of my most-used iPhone apps is Instagram – the photo sharing platform/community that gives users an entertaining and pleasurable way to post, customize and comment on images (check it out here in case you haven’t had the chance yet) so it was no surprise that having gotten my iPad, I was soon itching to use it on the iPad as well.  Since Instagram on iPad is not yet available – what are the alternatives around today?

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Using Manage to Get Things Done on iPad

Since I aim to integrate the iPad into my workflow more and more, I recently shopped around for an app that would replace the 1000 post-its that accumulated on my desk during my work day. Surely there was an app for that, I thought to myself. Problem was there are many.

Apps to aid us in our productivity are a dime a dozen on the App Store. Hence, Get Stuff Done even has its own Quick Link featuring a comprehensive sub-section of apps ranging in price, possibility and power, all promising to promote our productive side.

Only a few have a try-me-and-you’ll-like-me lite version. And there was no way I was going to pay for a bunch of apps before knowing which one suited me best. After a bit a research, I decided on Manage for the iPad for my Getting Things Done solution. Here’s why…

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