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Review: Carved Wood Power Bank and Acoustic Acorn Bluetooth Speaker

There is something to be said for finely crafted wood products. I grew up appreciating quality woodwork, as my father is an avid gun collector, and has always preferred classic firearms. He had several over the years that had beautifully stained stocks, with hand-carved engraving. As for me, I have been a percussionist for 30 years and have owned many finely crafted drums over that time. My current drum set has a beautiful black to blue fade stain and I have a hand-made custom snare drum with a dark maple stain against gold hardware and natural finished wood rims that looks really striking, as well. In the case of both the classic firearms and my drums, the objects perfectly combine form and function. They serve a purpose, but their craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal set them apart from everyday items.

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