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Apple Card

So About Apple Coming After Accounts and Services Over Late Apple Card Payments

Apple Card

If you are going to take a big swing at Apple, get your facts straight first.

I saw an interesting story yesterday about a person having some trouble with Apple. That isn’t too uncommon. The story often plays out the same- the little guy is unwittingly, but coldly stepped on by the Big Tech behemoth. It’s an easy sell as a story, and we all know that a negative story about Apple brings the clicks in droves.

Sometimes it’s a simple as that. Apple is a massive company and sometimes massive companies make ill-conceived or purely bureaucratic decisions that hurt their customers. Sometime Apple’s leaders knowingly take up positions that aren’t all that friendly to their users. But what happens when context arrives a day or two after the opening shots and it turns out that things didn’t play out that way?

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