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Apple’s New Scribble for iPadOS 14 is Niche, But Also Pretty Nice

Scribble for iPadOS 14

If you thought the iPad had come full circle with the release of the original Apple Pencil in 2016, Monday saw the last dot truly get filled in. The announcement of Scribble and new AI-fueled digital ink search and recognition features for the iPad bring system-level handwriting recognition and manipulation back to Apple hardware for the first time since Steve Jobs’ return to Apple in the late 90s.

Considering his comments on the stylus when the iPhone was announced, it felt for a time like these features would never find their way to Apple’s mobile devices again. However, while the Pencil’s inclusion as a non-essential accessory geared toward design and notetaking made sense, Apple’s new handwriting features elevate digital ink to a much more useful level on the iPad.

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