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Apple Slices: Bite-sized Apple News of the Week

Time to start up Apple Slices, our series covering some of the wide variety of Apple news of the week, for 2018. We have more on the battery throttling story that just won’t go away, Apple making big commitments here in the US,  the coming HomePod, and more. Time to eat!

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Apple Slices- The iOS 11 Gold Master Leak Pours Forth its Secrets

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or maybe concerned with serious, real life issues like deadly hurricanes), you have probably heard that someone at Apple spilled the beans this weekend. The iOS 11 Gold Master is out in the wild ahead of Apple’s event on Tuesday, and with it, most of Apple’s secrets and surprises, as well. It has been picked over by the tech media and developers and we now know a huge chunk of what Apple will show us on Tuesday. If you don’t like spoilers, read no further.

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The Rundown for the Week of May 14

The Rundown is our recurring Facebook Live video segment that covers the site’s posts from the previous week, some Apple News, and some things that are coming soon on the site.

In this week’s Rundown, we look back at last week on the site:

  • Apple Slices (WWDC Date, Apple buys Beddit, Apple on top of Wearables, and Apple breaks their own valuation record)
  • UAG Plasma Case Review
  • Tips and Tricks- Using Split-View in Safari on the iPad.
  • New iPad Pro Rumors

Take a Look at Some Apple News from this Week:

  • Apple invested $200 million in Corning and their Gorilla Glass.
  • Apple acquired “dark data” analysis company Lattice for $200 million.
  • The iPhone 8 is rumored to start at $999.
  • The A11 processor for the next iPhones are rumored to have gone into production.
  • Apple released a set of 16 photo guides to help you with your iPhoneography.
  • Apple has recieved patents regarding using iMessage to correspond with Siri.

And look forward to what’s ahead the rest of this week and later:

  • My interview with Noah Leon, who is working on a documentary film on the Apple Newton.
  • More iPad and WWDC Rumors.
  • Tips- Making sure you are backed up.
  • AirPods Review.
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Apple Slices- Apple Earnings and Siri Speaker Rumblings

Time to take some small bites out of the current Apple news, now that there is a little bit beyond the early-onset iPhone 8 insanity that I complained about last week. And, as some of you many have noticed, there are a few changes afoot around here, as well.

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