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Apple’s Hour of Code Classes Are a Fun Intro to the World of Programming

I wrote about Apple’s Hour of Code events a few weeks ago when they announced their expanded slate of classes in celebration of Computer Science Education Week. While coding class classes dominated the schedule during that week, including a couple geared specifically toward teachers, the Hour of Code How to Get Started with Coding and a couple of Kids Hour classes are still part of the running agenda at the Apple Store in Germantown, TN.

While I intended to take my kids to a couple of classes the weekend after I wrote that original article, the timing just didn’t work out. However, my daughter and I were able to finally able to make one yesterday. She had a friend staying over with us thanks to school being out for Christmas Break, so she came with us as well. Thanks to a heavy downpour, we ended up being the only ones in the class, which actually turned out great. I brought my current iPad Pro and my old one that my family now uses along with Swift Playgrounds loaded up in advance so the girls would be able to use them. Since there wasn’t anyone else, I was able to join in the class exercises using one of the store’s iPads.

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