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My iPad 2 Launch Day Exerience

iPad 2 Launch Day in Austin

My iPad 2 Launch Day is coming into its home stretch. I’m home now, with lovely new iPad 2 and some accessory friends – and just have to get it synced and setup to my preferences a little later this evening.

I’ve been to a few big Apple iDevice launches over recent years, and most have been a pretty good experience – or at least as good as they could be when you’re lined up for many hours waiting to fork over tons of money for a shiny new device. I have to say that today has been great, easily my favorite iPad / iDevice launch day. That happy face on Will – the super helpful Apple store staffer who got me checked out with my iPads (one for me, one for a friend) – nicely sums up how good a day it was.

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Apple Opening a Temporary ‘Popup Shop’ in Downtown Austin for SXSW


South By Southwest (SXSW) – the ever-popular annual music, film, and interactive festival – kicks off here in my lovely hometown of Austin, Texas tomorrow. The first four days of the event are the SXSW Interactive festival – which attracts techies and geeks and online stars from around the world. And it looks like this year Apple has decided to make it much easier for all those good people to spend their money on shiny new Apple products.

The Austin-American Statesman reports that they’re set to open a temporary store – or ‘Popup Shop’ – in a prime downtown location tomorrow, to coincide with the opening of SXSW. Oh, and the other little thing that happens tomorrow of course is the launch of the iPad 2.

The new temporary store is in the Scarbrough Building at 6th and Congress Avenue, right in the heart of Austin’s downtown area. Hopefully the popup shop will draw tons of SXSW-ers – and keep them all away from my local Apple Store. Smile

Thanks to reader Rand for mentioning this on my earlier post about where to buy an iPad 2 on launch day.

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iPad Training in Austin

Triple i Services

Hope you all will excuse a little bit of shameless self-promotion here. I’ve just started up a little new venture here in my hometown of Austin, Texas.  I’m going to provide one-to-one iPad training, to help people get to know and master their magical new friend.

I’ve worked for many years as a network engineer / manager and IT consultant, but over the last 10 years or so mobile tech has become my biggest passion and I consider the iPad the ultimate mobile device – so I’m going to try my hand at sharing that passion and helping folks get the most out of their iPads.

My iPad training will cover everything from basics through to advanced topics and time-saving tips and tricks for novice to intermediate users.  I’m also offering training on the iPhone and troubleshooting / support for both devices.  At some point I may look at extending the training to the web, so I can offer to help people outside of the Austin area as well.

Anyway, if you have any friends or family in the Austin area who would like some help learning the iPad, I hope you might point them this way:


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