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How To Turn Automatic App Updates in iOS 7 On and Off

iOS 7 Automatic app updates


One of the most popular new features in iOS 7 is automatic app updates. I know there are many iPad and iOS users who have grown to hate the little red badge on the App Store icon that reminds you of how many app updates are available and the fact that you need to go deal with that.

The new automatic app updates feature is a way to rid yourself of the chore of installing updates manually. The feature is easy to turn on or off. Here’s how:

— Go to the Settings app and tap on the iTunes & App Store section on the left sidebar.

— On the iTunes & App Store page on the right of the screen, look at the ‘Automatic Downloads’ section.

— Tap on the button alongside the ‘Updates’ entry to turn it on or off. If the button shows as green and white, it is On.

If you want to see which updates have been applied recently, for troubleshooting purposes or other reasons, you can go to the Updates section of the App Store and see a listing.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy waving Bye Bye to the task of keeping your iPad apps up to date.

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