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iPad Basics: How to Stop Apps & Music from Downloading Automatically

Automatic Downloads

This is another basic iPad tip and a question I see asked about a lot in iPad discussion forums – how to stop apps or music or books from downloading automatically.

Automatic downloads can be very useful – these allow for all your new purchases (which even includes free apps you download) on any device where you have an iTunes account to be downloaded automatically on your iPad. But for some of us they can end up being an annoyance – for instance when you have certain apps or music that you only want on your iPhone. I tend to keep a much bigger music library on my phone than on my iPad, and there are some apps that are really only suited for and useful on a phone device.

The  nice thing is that iOS makes it easy to turn these automatic downloads on and off for apps, books, and music individually or for all of them. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app, scroll down the left sidebar a little way and tap on the ‘iTunes & App Stores’ section.

— You’ll see the ‘Automatic Downloads’ settings right in the middle of the screen. You can tap to toggle automatic downloads on and off for music, apps, and books.

It’s as easy as that and of course you can easily change these settings up as and when needed.

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