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Best Free iPad App of the Week: Aweditorium

Aweditorium iPad app

Who doesn’t like free? And who doesn’t like great iPad apps? When the two come together it’s good stuff. With that in mind, we’d like to share our Best Free iPad App of the Week here every weekend.

Aweditorium is a superb music discovery – and just plain music enjoyment – app for the iPad. It’s easily the best source for discovering new music and new artists that I’ve found. I’ve discovered more new stuff that I like (and I’ve subsequently bought) through Aweditorium than through any of the major music discovery services like Pandora and Last.fm and the like.

It presents you with a grid of small thumbnails, with each representing a track from a band or artist. You tap on one and that track will be featured full screen – along with background info on the band, lyrics of the song, and buttons to share the track, see more by this artist, see YouTube video of them, and return to the main grid.

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Aweditorium for iPad Updated – Supposed to Fix iPad 2 Bugs

Aweditoriumthe superb music discovery app for the iPad – has had an update this week, to Version 1.03.

This is a minor update that is meant to contain bug fixes, specifically:

"Fixes panning direction and graphic glitches for iPad 2 users".

Sadly, the update does not appear to have accomplished that. I found the app is intermittently failing to respond when I try to tap on more songs from an artist, and then failing to move to a new artist on its main grid as well. Worse, I found that swiping down to pan quickly leaves a big blank screen – as shown in the screencap above.

It looks to me like the app is as glitchy as ever on the iPad 2, and in need of another update.

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Aweditorium Getting Its First Major Content Update


Aweditorium – the superb music discovery app for the iPad – should be getting its first major content update today, according to a tweet just a few minutes ago from it developers.


I’m not sure whether this update will be pumped straight into the app or whether it will come via an App Store update. I just quickly checked the app and it still shows I’ve explored around 33% of content, so I think nothing new just yet in there. I’ll be looking out for updates as the day goes on.

This is actually my favorite iPad app of the year, you can check out my review of it HERE.

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Aweditorium – Awesome Music Discovery App for the iPad is My iPad App of the Year

Aweditorium app

When you launch Aweditorium – the superb new music discovery app for the iPad – the initial splash screen for it uses a tagline of ‘Aural Happiness’ underneath the app’s name. They could easily drop ‘aural’, just use ‘Happiness’, and be well within the bounds of accurate descriptions of what the app delivers.

If you want the short version of my review on the app, it is: awesome – a must for all iPad owners who like to discover new music. For lots of lovely screencaps and reasons why this app is so superb, hit the jump …

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