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Blogsy for iPad Gets Its First Update


Blogsymy new favorite blogging app for the iPad, the first good blogging app for iOS – has had its first update this week.

It’s not a major update, but it adds a couple of little improvements and a handful of bug fixes. Here’s the full change list:

Feature change
– The first letter of each word in the title no longer automatically capitalizes.
– error message gives more precise code to identify the issue
Bug fix
– When dragging a link from the built-in browser Blogsy would occasionally crash
– When images were used from Picasa in the dock they would appear in Chrome and Firefox but not in Internet explorer or on Android devices
– When loading a published post with a more tag nothing would show after the location of the more tag
– At times there was an issue when trying to post to Blogger
– Only ‘Administrators’ could post on WordPress blogs

The big update I’m waiting to see, and I know the developers are working hard on it, is the addition of an image upload capability. Hopefully that is coming fairly soon.

You can find the latest version of Blogsy in the App Store now; it’s priced at $2.99.

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Blogsy Makes the App Store New & Noteworthy Section


Blogsy – the very promising new blogging app for the iPad – is now listed in the New and Noteworthy section of the iPad App Store.

I don’t often share news on what is in the New and Noteworthy section, but Blogsy is an instant favorite of mine – as it is filling a huge hole in the iPad App Store, giving us a first good blogging app for a device that is perfect for blogging from.

So I’m very happy to see that the app’s launch is going well, and even Apple has decided to showcase it a bit. We had Lance Barton, the founder and CEO of Blogsy, as our guest on our podcast, The Magical and Revolutionary iPad Show, last night – and he had lots of interesting things to say about the app’s launch and upcoming updates and plans for the app. You can livestream or download that episode of the show (and subscribe to it) at the show’s page here:

The Magical and Revolutionary iPad Show

Here’s an App Store link for Blogsy; it’s at an introductory price of just $2.99 right now.

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Blogsy – Blogging App for iPad – Hits the App Store

Blogsy blogging app for iPad

Blogsy is a very promising new blog editor app for the iPad, that has just hit the App Store last night. I have been lamenting the lack of a great – or even good – blogging app for the iPad for ages now. And I’m happy to say I think Blogsy may just be that app.

It’s not great yet, but it is certainly good – and that makes it better than any other blogging app for iPad and iOS right away. The three ‘leading’ iOS blogging apps before Blogsy are all far from good or even decent in my view.

I was fortunate enough to be on the early beta testing team for Blogsy, and I like the app a lot. I also just love the fact that somebody has finally set out to create a truly great blogging app for the iPad, as I believe Blogsy’s developers have.

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This Could Be My Holy Grail of iPad Apps


Today I got a Twitter follow message for an account tied to an upcoming iPad app called Blogsy. There are no real details to speak of about the app as yet – so why the heck am I so excited about it?

Well, I’ll admit I’m more than a bit desperate by now for a good blogging app for the iPad. I’ve written about this more than once – here’s just one example – because it frustrates me immensely. I believe the iPad itself is more than capable of being a great tool for blogging from. The device itself is near perfectly suited for the job; the only thing holding it back is the lack of a great app for the purpose.

So … when I see a teaser page that includes this line I get very interested, and excited:

Great blogging on an iPad won’t be a drag anymore

To which I say – bring it on. Please, please, bring it on. Like yesterday. OK, so I guess I’m all setup for potentially massive disappointment. Comon Blogsy devs – get that baby in the App Store and lets see what it’s got. Actually, it does sound like it should be coming quite soon:

Blogsy iPad App (blogsyapp) on Twitter

If you’re anywhere even close to as interested as I am in this app, you can follow its progress a bit via their Twitter account, @blogsyapp.

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