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Review – Civil War: 1863 iPad Game

Civil War 1863 for iPad

Civil War: 1863 is a turn-based strategy game for the iPad that lets you take command of Union and Confederate forces and engage in some of the epic battles that occurred in 1863 during the American Civil War.

I grew up playing turn-based strategic war games against my younger brother. They were board games in those days and we played tons of them – from ancient battles with Alexander the Great or Caesar’s armies (or their opponents’) to command to many Napoleonic battles and campaigns, World War II games, and lots more. I enjoyed these immensely, despite the fact that my brother ran rings round me and I very rarely emerged victorious when playing against him.

I’ve been looking for good strategy games of this type to play on the iPad for a long while, have tried out a number of them, but had never come across one I found compelling and wanted to spend a lot of time playing. Earlier this month I spotted Civil War:1863 in the App Store and thought it looked a lot like what I was after. I’ve spent many hours playing the game and I’m happy to say I’ve been enjoying it a whole lot.

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