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The Fastest Way to Remove All the Photos from the iPad Camera Roll

Remove images from iPad Camera Roll

Deleting a single photo from the iPad Camera Roll is easy. Deleting a handful of photos – say 20 or so – is also pretty simple to get done. But if you have got hundreds or even thousands of images in your Camera Roll, there’s not an easy or quick way to remove them all right on the iPad itself.

Fortunately there is an easy and fast way to do this by connecting your iPad to a Mac or Windows PC and using the default photo import apps.

Here’s how …

On a Mac:

*** A good safety measure when doing this is to do one import without choosing the ‘delete after import’ options and check that all your images have been successfully imported before running it a second time and letting the images be removed from the iPad.

— Connect your iPad to your Mac via USB using its sync cable.

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