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Crux Skunk iPad Keyboard Case: Quick First Impressions

Crux Skunk for iPad

I backed the Crux Skunk iPad keyboard case project on Kickstarter almost a year ago. I thought it looked like one of the most impressive iPad keyboard cases I’d seen, and it offered some impressive sounding features – a notably slim design, a 360 degree hinge that allows for a great range of typing and viewing positions for the iPad, and a full-size QWERTY keyboard.

Well, mine finally arrived a couple days back and I have tested it out a little and have some very quick first impressions to share. Here they are, in no particular order:

— The packaging for the Crux Skunk is fairly nice.

— The name feels bizarre to type and to to say. My daughter thought I was making it up as a joke. I wonder if there’s some cool back story behind it.

— For my pledge level (I think it was $155) it came with an attractive black leather carrying case – a nice touch.

— Getting the iPad into it the first time is a bit of a pain in the neck. You need to loosen a couple of bolts on the frame’s bottom holding clasps with a very small, included, Allen wrench; then insert the iPad, then tighten up the bolts and adjust as necessary until you can comfortably open and close the clasps to insert and remove the iPad. Not a big deal – but also not a super slick starting point.

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