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Review – Dead Space for iPad

Let me start this review by saying I am not a fan of horror or gore. Seriously. I have such a sensitive constitution, there is literally a medical term for it: vasovagal syncope. If I see too much gore, violence or scary things, I pass out.

It’s happened several times; once when I was watching Pan’s Labyrinth in a crowded movie theater while on a first date. Not my best moment, I’ll admit.

So why then did I volunteer to check out Apple’s 2011 Gorefest … oh, I’m sorry … Game of the Year, Dead Space for iPad?

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Dead Space for iPad on Sale at 50% Off for the Weekend


Dead Space for iPad is on sale this weekend at 50% off, at $4.99.

This game is one of EA’s most popular and well-received on the iPad – it’s considered a real flagship iPad game.

If you’ve been tempted by Dead Space for the iPad in the past, now is a good time to look at grabbing it. The sale has already started and last through July 31.

Here’s an App Store link for Dead Space for iPad.

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Dead Space for iPad Released

Dead Space for iPad

Dead Space for iPad is now available in the iPad App Store.

Another day, another big name game from Electronic Arts hits the iPad App Store. This time it’s the first iOS version of Dead Space, one of EA’s big PC and console titles.

Here’s all the details on Dead Space for iPad, straight from its App Store page:

AN ALL-NEW DEAD SPACE STORY – AVAILABLE ONLY ON THE APP STORE. Immerse yourself in events that set the stage for the action-horror storyline of Dead Space 2. Featuring a hardcore game experience and a rich audio environment specifically designed for your iPad, this is an original vision of the acclaimed franchise and a true landmark game on the App Store.

Three years have passed since the destruction of the Marker in the first Dead Space story. Now, experience first-hand the events that unleash the Necromorph hordes once again. You’ll find yourself on a mission of uncertain purpose in the Mines of Titan. Soon, however, the truth of your situation will become grotesquely clear…

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