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Fancy Repairing Your Own iDevices? There’s a Book for That

The Unauthorized Guide to iPhone iPod and iPad Repair

If you fancy learning how to maintain and repair your iPad and all your iDevices, there’s an impressive new book out that could serve as a starting point and handy reference guide. The book is ‘The Unauthorized Guide to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Repair’ and is billed as a DIY guide to extending the life of your iDevices.

It’s available in print and also in an Amazon Kindle edition and on the iBookstore.

The book’s author is Timothy L Warner, an Apple Certified Repair Technician and is said to be the only reference / tutorial of its kind that is in full color. Perhaps most impressively, the book has been thoroughly reviewed for technical accuracy and approved by the brilliant folks at iFixit.com.

Here’s a slice of the book’s iBookstore description:

Fix your own iPhone, iPad, or iPod with secret repair knowledge Apple doesn’t want you to have! This groundbreaking, full-color book shows you how to resurrect expensive Apple mobile iDevices you thought were dead for good, and save a fortune.
Apple Certified Repair Technician Timothy L. Warner demystifies everything about iDevice repair, presenting simple, step-by-step procedures and hundreds of crisp, detailed, full-color photos.
He’ll walk you through safely taking apart your iDevice, replacing what’s broken, and reliably reassembling it. You’ll learn where to get the tools and exactly how to use them. Warner even reveals sources for broken Apple devices you can fix at low cost–for yourself, or even for resale!

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