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Dropbox Simplifies Pro Pricing: $10 Per Month for 1TB

Dropbox Pro 1TB

Dropbox announced a few pretty major changes to their Dropbox Pro accounts today, but the change I found most interesting was the simplification of the pricing and storage options. There’s now just one $10/month Dropbox Pro account that offers 1TB of storage, which is 10x more storage than was previously offered at that price point.

This is great for iOS users who want an alternative to Photo Stream for photo backups, since Dropbox can handle uploads of the photos and videos on your iPad’s Camera Roll (and do so in the background!). The new 1TB of storage for Dropbox Pro also pairs very nicely with Dropbox’s Carousel service for viewing and sharing your Dropbox photos…although we still need a dedicated iPad app to take full advantage of that on tablets.

I think this is great news, since I prefer Dropbox to competing services like Google Drive. However, I will likely be saving my money for iCloud Drive when it rolls out later this year, since that will natively back up my photos and videos from all of my devices at full resolution.

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Dropbox for iPad Updated, Adds Ability to Upload Multiple Photos & Videos at Once

Dropbox for iPad

Damn this has been a good couple of weeks for updates to some of my favorite iPad apps. Dropbox, the app for the best ever cloud-sync service, has just been updated to Version 1.4.

The big plus in this update is that it adds the ability to upload multiple photos and videos at once. This works well and the uploads are surprisingly speedy too. The update has also adde back some nav bar tabs, including one for Uploads, that make navigation a little nicer in the app. Here’s the full change listing:

● Support for Spanish, French, German, and Japanese
● Return to tab-based interface for simpler app navigation experience
● Improved file uploading experience:
  ● New dedicated Uploads tab
  ● Bulk upload photos and videos
  ● Import files from Mail and other apps for upload to Dropbox
● Numerous bug fixes

Here’s an App Store link for Dropbox; it’s a free app.

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Dropbox App Updated


The Dropbox universal app for iPad and iPhone has had an update this week, to Version 1.3. The iPhone app gets retina display support with this update, and the iPad gets landscape file viewing.  Here’s the full list of changes:

– UI re-design with numerous visual enhancements including retina display support
– File caching (no need to re-download files you’ve already viewed!)
– Fullscreen landscape file viewing on iPad
– Finish uploads and downloads while in the background
– Create folders
– Bug fix for viewing CSV and some broken HTML files

Dropbox is a superb file sync and backup service, the best I’ve ever come across – and its iPad and iPhone apps are very good as well, and are being regularly updated with new features.

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1Password Pro Updated – Adds Cloud Sync via Dropbox

1Password Pro syncs with Dropbox 

1Password can now sync automatically using Dropbox!

Also known as “syncing to the cloud”, this amazing feature allows you to keep your Mac, Windows, and iOS devices in sync at all times, even when they are running on different networks. (Yes, I did say Windows; 1Password for Windows is currently in beta testing)

Oh boy – this is some fantastic update news. 1Password Pro – the excellent password manager app for iPad, iPhone, and desktop – has been recently updated, and has added the ability to sync to ‘the cloud’ via Dropbox.

1Password and Dropbox are two of my most favorite and essential apps – across desktop, iPad, and iPhone.  Putting the two of them together is like a chocolate + peanut butter moment times 100. 

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