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Living with the iPhone X- Rear Facing Cameras

I love digital photography, but I am by no means an expert shooter. I have a pretty good Samsung mirrorless camera with a few lenses. I’ve done some reading and research. I’ve taken an online course, and I’ve spent some time practicing. I know enough to be able to pick a lens that will work for a situation and put the camera in manual, adjust the settings, and get a usable picture out of it. Still, sometimes it can be a lot of trouble for a little bit of result. Sometimes you come up completely empty.

This is EXACTLY the reason why mobile photography completely killed off point and shoot cameras and relegated higher-end equipment to enthusiasts like myself and professionals. The cameras that you get with the iPhone 8 and X, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 and the Google Pixel 2 are nothing short of amazing at this point and the majority of people don’t need anything else to get not just good, but consistently great pictures. They require far less work to set up and take a shot, and more importantly, they are ALWAYS with us.

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