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AOL Editions iPad Magazine Adds New Content Sections


Editions by AOL – the newest iPad-only magazine, released in early August – has added new content this week.

There are now three new content sections available – Pets, Gaming, and Automotive.

Editions lets you personalize and customize the content you see by choosing which sections you want to see, what order you want to see them in, and in various other clever ways.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the three new sections yet, as they will only show up in the next daily edition once chosen, but I’m happy to see the magazine adding content.

Editions was our choice for Best Free iPad of the Week recently – check that post out to see more details on it.

Here’s an App Store link for Editions – it’s still a free app.

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Best Free iPad App of the Week: Editions by AOL

Editions by AOL for iPad

Who doesn’t like free? And who doesn’t like great iPad apps? When the two come together it’s good stuff. With that in mind, we’d like to share our Best Free iPad App of the Week here every weekend.

This week’s pick is Editions by AOL, an impressive new daily magazine for the iPad that is all about personalizing and customizing to suit your tastes. From little touches like showing you daily calendar events and local weather when you open an edition, to links to Facebook and Twitter the app is very connected right away (if you want it to be).

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AOL’s New Editions Magazine Failing to Download New Edition


Oops. Looks like Editions by AOL is having some major issues. The new iPad-only magazine app downloads a new edition each day at the time you configure in settings. For its first three days that went fine. Today it is failing to download a new edition and getting stuck on the ‘We’re building your Edition’ screen.

I let mine sit there for over 5 minutes, switched away from and quit the app, and even uninstalled and reinstalled it – and it still doesn’t get anywhere.

I think this is quite a promising app – but this failure doesn’t bode well – hopefully there will be a quick update to fix this.

Update: Good news. The Editions team is aware of the issue and it looks like it is already resolved or very soon will be. Here’s there tweet to me on this:


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Editions by AOL – New iPad Magazine Looks Promising

Editions by AOL iPad magazine

Editions by AOL is a new iPad-only magazine from the folks who pioneered CDs as coasters for our coffee mugs. It’s the latest social, highly customizable news magazine style app for the iPad, following in the footsteps of Flipboard and others that have lead the way in this category.

Here’s a little of its App Store intro:

Editions by AOL is a beautiful, new, daily magazine that reads you.
It learns what you like (and what you don’t) and delivers a magazine that’s personalized just for you, each and every day. … Whether you’re into Entertainment, Tech, or Fashion, or just want to keep up with business news or local happenings, Editions connects you with the best stories that match your interests.

I’ve been trying out Editions today and I have to say I’m quite impressed so far. Right from first launch it prompts you to start personalizing it by connecting to Facebook, Twitter and AOL/AIM (does anyone really still use those?).

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