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Evernote Peek for iPad 2 Updated – Lots of New Featured Notebooks and More


Evernote Peek – the clever and unique app that makes use of the iPad 2 smart cover – has been updated this week, to Version 2.0.

Just in case you haven’t heard of it before, Evernote Peek is a study aid that lets you quiz yourself by offering questions as you raise up a section of the iPad 2 smart cover and revealing the answer as you open it a bit more.

The big addition in this update is a large number of new notebooks added with new quiz material. There’s a lot of good education related material in amongst the new notebooks. The organization of notebooks has also been improved – with notebooks now organized into stacks and grouped by categories / publishers.

Here’s the full change list for Version 2.0:

• Peek is now available in 14 languages!
• New featured notebooks created by:
• Martha Stewart: Wedding, food and nutrition quizzes
• 7×7 Magazine: San Francisco quiz
• Brainscape: Language learning flashcards
• Magoosh: Math test prep
• Membean: Vocabulary test prep
• Notebooks grouped by categories and publishers

I installed the update earlier this week and it looks good. I’m impressed with a number of the new educational quizzes – and of course I was already a big fan of the app before the update. I featured it as our first Best Free iPad of the Week back in June.

Here’s an App Store link for Evernote Peek; it’s still a free app.

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Evernote Peek for iPad 2 Updated – Adds Support for Audio Clues and More

Evernote Peek – the first and only iPad app that interacts with the iPad 2 smart cover – has been updated, to Version 1.5.0.

The big new addition in this update is support for audio clues – and Evernote has added three audio notebooks to get us started. This is a great new feature and works very well – I tried out the French and Spanish words notebooks this morning.

Here’s the official change list for this update:

• New: Support for audio clues
• New: Study notebooks that others have shared with you in Evernote
• 3 new audio featured notebooks: bird calls, Spanish language, French language
• Interface improvements and bug fixes
• New sort order options: random, date, time

This is a very clever app, and one that’s very useful for students or anyone looking for a bit of cramming help on the iPad 2.

Here’s an App Store link for Evernote Peek; it’s a free app.

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Best Free iPad App of the Week: Evernote Peek


Who doesn’t like free? And who doesn’t like great iPad apps? When the two come together it’s good stuff. With that in mind, we’d like to share our favorite Free iPad App of the Week here every weekend.

This week’s landslide winner is Evernote Peek. This is not just a great free iPad app, it’s also a brilliant and original concept. It’s the first app to make active use of the iPad 2 Smart Cover, as an integral part of the app. It’s a fantastic study aid for anyone prepping for an exam or just anting to hone and test their knowledge. Here’s how it works:

— You choose a notebook to open in the app that contains a set of questions. There are a number of Published Notebooks you can choose from to get started, on topics like: Collective Nouns, Econ 101, Music Terms, Periodic Table Quiz, State Nicknames, and World Capitals. You can also use any of your own notebooks stored in Evernote, so you can use this for any topic under the sun. The app uses note titles to form questions, and the note body to become the answer.

— Then you open the smart cover just a bit, to around the first fold, and a question is revealed.

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Evernote Peek: Study Aid App Is the First App to Use the iPad 2 Smart Cover

Hot damn. I knew the folks at Evernote were pretty smart – but this is really an incredibly clever new app. It’s a study aid that uses the iPad 2 Smart Cover to reveal first a question and then an answer. Perfect for cramming for an exam. I could’ve made superb use of this when prepping for Cisco and other tech certification exams.

I’ve been trying the app out after seeing the demo video, and honestly it’s big fun even if you don’t have an exam to study for. It works just as easily and smoothly as in the demo. You just close the smart cover, then open it just to the first fold and the app reveals a question. Open it another fold and the answer is shown.EvernotePeek

The first set of questions loaded is about how to use the app itself. Once you view those (or skip them if you’re a no reading the manual type), you can start adding noteboooks with more question sets. The app comes with a range of Published Notebooks to get started with, including: Collective Nouns, Econ 101, Music Terms, Periodic Table Quiz, State Nicknames, Cocktail Recipes, US History Mastery Vocab, Word Quiz, and World Capitals.

The super cool part is that once you login to your Evernote account, you can add any of your own notebooks. It uses the note title to form the question and the note body as the answer. So you can easily create notebooks divided by topics and use the notes in them as prep quiz material.

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