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Quick Look: Centrallo, an Evernote alternative for your productivity needs


Evernote has had a firm foothold on the productivity app market-especially when you consider their deep integration across multiple mobile platforms, in addition to the web. I myself have tried several times to find new, more appealing alternatives to fit my basic needs without all the clutter. However, in the end, I always seem to come back to what I know best, and where I have the biggest investment. That’s not to say there aren’t new productivity apps, and improvements to existing apps that continue to challenge Evernote for the crown. Even a simple option like the Notes app in iOS, is enough for many users.

Centrallo has been around since August of 2014, providing users with a clean and easy way to prioritize, organize and create lists to make their lives more productive. I liked their app well enough to give it a look when it first came out. It was a cross platform app that was also available in a web version–a must for me. It was good, but not great for my needs, and so I haven’e been back in a while.

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Quick Look: Evernote 7.9 for iPad with iOS 9 Multitasking and Drawing Tools

Evernote 7.9 for iPad2

Evernote’s latest update to hit the App Store brings two great features to the iPad: drawing and multitasking. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support were also added, but I couldn’t quite test that yet, for lack of all the necessary hardware. I’ll just have to take their word for it.


Evernote now plays nicely with other split-screen apps on iOS 9, so I can have it loaded alongside Safari or Mail for taking notes. This is a very big deal and is really changing the way I use the app across my iPad. I like keeping Evernote as my active Slide Over app, so that I can swipe left from any screen and quickly access or search my notes. This feels comparable to having a desktop-level widget on iOS, and I can only imagine how cool it would be to have Evernote open full-time on an iPad Pro.

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Review: Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition for iPad

Jot Script 4

The Jot Script is the joint effort between Adonit and Evernote to create the ultimate pen for Penultimate. The Script offers two major advantages over most other styli: the PixelPoint tip and Bluetooth connectivity.

The PixelPoint tip makes it much easier to see where your strokes will end up on the iPad’s screen. Other styli make this a bit of a guessing game with large foam or rubber tips that require varying amounts of pressure, but the Script is a stylus that anyone can use right off the bat, without any major learning curve.

The Bluetooth connection allows Script-compatible apps (e.g. Penultimate or Noteshelf) to more accurately track where the stylus tip is, as well as help to ignore any other contact points on the screen (a.k.a. palm rejection). The Script is powered by a single AAA battery, and the stylus won’t even be registered by the iPad unless you turn it on.

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Happy Birthday to 2 Great Services: Evernote and Google+

Google Plus and Evernote

This week marks the birthday of two great services that I love and use heavily on my iPad and elsewhere: Evernote and Google+.

Evernote has been a stalwart for me since back in 2008 – on the iPhone and Mac, clipping from the web, and just about anywhere I’ve needed it. To say it’s a powerful and feature-packed notes app is still not coming close to doing it justice. I’ve seen Evernote spoken about as a ‘second brain’ sort of service and I have gotten that sort of benefit from it over the years. It remains a fixture for me across all my devices and is still constantly improving and adding features.

Google+ is only two years old, and it feels like that time has flown by, as they say. I was lucky enough to get an invite from +Louis Gray on the first night the beta became open to invites and I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Google+ ever since.

Yes, I’ve read all the reports of Google+ being a ghost town, and I think they’re complete nonsense. It has become easily my favorite social network. It is superb for lively and intelligent discussions on just about any topic under the sun, has a great range of topic-specific communities where you can focus in on areas of interest, and Hangouts for connecting via video with anything from one to hundreds of people. I have lots of good discussion every day via my personal profile and the iPad Insight Google+ page.

Here’s wishing both of these great services many happy returns.

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Evernote Gets Another Update & a Cool New Linkup with Reeder RSS App


Evernote – the excellent note-taking and so much more app for the iPad and iOS – has had another nice update this week (to Version 4.1.2), and has also now got a very cool new linkup with the popular Reeder for iPad RSS app.

You can now send posts to Evernote right from within the Reeder for iPad app.

When you download Reeder, you’ll notice that there’s a familiar elephant icon in the app which lets you immediately send posts you might want to remember to your Evernote account. When you send a post to your Evernote account, it’ll automatically be saved to your default notebook, nicely formatted and, of course, searchable.

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Random Wish List Items: I Want More iPad Notes Apps to Sync with Evernote


Finding a favorite iPad notes app has been an ongoing process for me since the day the first iPad was released. Several of the leading contenders are apps I also use on the iPhone. The thing with notes apps for the iPad / iOS though is that thus far it seems impossible to find the one, perfect all-round app for everything  I want. The closest I’ve got so far is something along these lines:

Simplenote was for a long while my favorite notes app for actually writing and editing notes on iPad and iPhone – because of its clean, simple UI. It also has a pretty nice web app that it syncs to automatically.

— Then my friend and writing colleague Thomas introduced me to Plain Text. Right now, it has replaced Simplenote as my favorite app to take notes in on the iPad. It syncs with Dropbox and I’ve been using Byword to edit notes made in Plain Text on the Mac.

— Evernote is the most powerful and feature-rich notes app I’ve used on iOS. I have never enjoyed it’s UI when writing / editing notes on the iPad or iPhone, but it is available via any browser, has a very solid Mac desktop app, and is always my default place to store notes that I want to keep around and have access to months or years down the road.

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Evernote App Updated – Adds Snapshot Notes for iPad 2


The latest update to the excellent Evernote app for iPad and iPhone adds a new Snapshot Notes feature for use on the iPad 2. So while you’re editing a note, or in fact as soon as you create a new note, you can snap a picture with either of the iPad 2’s cameras and have it instantly added to your note.

Like most users, I cant imagine ever thinking of the iPad 2 as a top choice for taking photos – but as the Evernote Blog points out in their post on the update, it may well come in handy for a quick snap of a whiteboard in a meeting or similar scenarios.

Here’s an App Store link for Evernote; it’s a universal app and it’s free.

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Evernote Updated – Finally Runs on My iPad

Evernote for iPad

Hurrah.  The Evernote app got an update yesterday – to Version 3.3.2 – and now it will finally run without crashes on my iPad. Previously it was continually failing to launch after using it just a few times, crashing straight back to the home screen – even after a couple of remove and reinstall efforts.


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Evernote Will ‘Support The Hell out of’ The iPad [iPad Apps]


Evernote is one of my most-used apps, on the iPhone and on my laptop.  It’s one of the few apps that gets use just about every day on both iPhone and desktop. So I’m very happy to hear that they’re very enthusiastic about the iPad and bringing a modified / optimized version of Evernote to it.

I was also very interested to learn – via an interesting blog post at the Evernote Blogcast site – that Evernote has a long standing history of involvement with tablet devices, and even with the much-revered Apple Newton. 

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