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The (3) Best Fantasy Football Draft Guide Apps for your iPad


The NFL regular season is right around the corner.  Autumn is in the air (well not here in Florida, but you know what I mean) and that means football!  No, I’m not talking about soccer either–I mean FOOTBALL!  The only sport that really matters until February.  With Football season comes Fantasy Football, and with Fantasy Football comes Draft parties.  So grab a bunch of your friends, throw some over-sized meat on the grill, pop open an adult beverage of your choice, and get ready to take over the world.  Hopefully, you’ve already been evaluating the newest rookie prospects, and deciding which players are highest on your depth charts.  However, if you need a little help cheating preparing for you draft so you can dominate your friends once again, these are the (3) best apps for doing just that, in no particular order.

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