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Another Sign of Growing iPad Interest – TV Ad Goes Viral


Apple’s "Meet iPad" ad, which debuted during the Oscars, became the second-most viewed viral video ad last week. Michael Learmonth, writing for AdAge, points out that "Apple has had a YouTube channel since 2005, but only recently started using it. In the past, they’d focused on driving views on Apple.com, but for the iPad, they allowed the video to be embedded across the web, and views were distributed across 100 different placements."

Near 2.5 million views.  I reckon this is another little sign of how interest in the iPad has been growing in the weeks since its announcement.


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What Did You Think of the First iPad TV Ad?

iPad ad during Oscars

So Mike Cane was right about the first iPad TV ad airing during the Academy Awards show last night.

I saw it at least a couple times during the show, and I think I may have missed one. I thought it was good.  Good song, nice, fast run through of some of the things it does, slick, about what you expect from Apple ads.  If you haven’t seen it yet, click HERE or on the image above to give it a look.

What did you all think?  Good / bad / mediocre / Oscar worthy?

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