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Just in time for revision season: Synopsis for iPad review

IMG_0837Back in the days of my GCSE and A-Level revision there always seemed to be an unofficial contest as to who had the most revision cards. Firstly, there was the annual race to Tescos to snap up their supply of index cards and then late evenings spent filling out a word, then an explanation of that word on the back. It was a sort of geeky version of the ‘business card’ scene in American Psycho the next day in school, with people standing around comparing revision cards. Me, I always lost out on the contest, mainly because I’d be too busy playing Sensible Soccer on my Amiga to do anything as thorough as revision. Times have changed now though, and the boot is on the other foot. I’m the person trying to get teenage kids to revise. As we all know, revision is a completely personal thing and there is no silver bullet to it, but there are quite a few apps which try to streamline the process. One of these is the newly released Synopsis. In a nutshell, Synopsis is a PDF e-reader with the ability to make revision, or flash cards from any text you highlight. Continue reading

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