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Flash on the iPad – No Thanks


Image Source: agreenertea.com

Today I’ve had yet another reminder of why I have no interest in seeing Flash on my iPad, or iPhone, or any mobile device really.  I use a MacBook Pro as my primary computer. An MBP with 4GB of RAM, dual processors, around 50% of free disk space, and an all-round strong spec. 

This morning it spent a while slowing to a crawl and becoming just barely responsive.  I spent a few minutes looking into what was up with it.  The answer was no surprise at all – a Flash player plugin in my browser had crashed and had very kindly shagged overall system performance along the way.  And this is how it goes just about every single time my Mac has any performance problems.  I honestly cannot even remember the last time anything other than Flash caused my Mac any problems.

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Hopes of Flash Coming to the iPad

As I used to hear in the UK: No Hope and Bob Hope. 

From a post today at 9to5Mac.com:

According to their sources, Jobs told the Wall Street Journal executives meeting on the third floor of the News Corp building:

Jobs was brazen in his dismissal of Flash, people familiar with the meeting tell us. He repeated what he said at an Apple Town Hall recently, that Flash crashes Macs and is buggy. But he also called Flash a "CPU hog," a source of "security holes" and, in perhaps the most grievous insult an famous innovator can utter, a dying technology. Jobs said of Flash, "We don’t spend a lot of energy on old technology."

Via: 9to5Mac

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