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Living with the New iPad Pros- NBA 2K is just OK

I was intrigued when I saw the demo of NBA 2K19 from 2K during Apple’s iPad Event. I have owned previous versions of this game on several platforms, most recently 2K17 on the original 12.9″ iPad Pro and 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch. The iPad version was one of the first games that I played with an MFi Bluetooth game controller. I actually put some time in it, but I also didn’t have any real gaming alternatives at the time. The game was ok, but could be pretty slow and plodding. However, what kept me coming back was the possibilities of gaming on a really nice, portable 12.9″ display. That is an experience that other devices at the time couldn’t match.

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Football Manager 2014 for iPad: Review


When I was at school, anyone who was anyone played football. Even if you weren’t especially good at it, as long as you got stuck in, maybe with a “Toepunt Ted” pounding it up to the hogger who was actually quite good, (but never passed it) you would get a bit of kudos which as a school kid with little or no talent for football was a great thing. The next step was to gain an encyclopaedic knowledge of the teams and their players. Enter Premier Manager on the Amiga. What a great game. You could bang through a season quickly, not worrying too much about micromanaging. Fast forward 20 years and football management sims have become too complicated for the likes of me, someone with very little time to devote to tweaking all aspects of my club. All of this is a far cry from the Premier Manager days. Is Football Manager Handheld 2014 the tonic to all of this? Continue reading

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