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The Real and the Click Bait of the Apple Card and Gender Bias

Nothing in tech bleeds like a negative Apple headline, so when David Heinemeier Hansson’s tweet storm over his wife Jamie’s disproportionately low credit limit with the Apple Card went viral, everyone immediately jumped on it. Most have probably already heard about this story, as it quickly gained traction outside of the tech world in the mainstream news, but in case you haven’t, Ms Heinemeier Hansson was given a much lower credit limit than her husband when applying for an Apple Card, despite sharing accounts with her husband, having a better credit rating and having a longer established credit history.

Sometimes these kinds of viral stories are meaningless, but this one definitely isn’t. There is a real issue here and a real debate to be had at the heart of it. Unfortunately, 80-90% of the media coverage you get from a story like this tends to be pure click bait. Let’s try to cut through some of that, shall we?

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