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Cool Things: Bookmarklet to Share to Google+ from Safari on the iPad


If you’re a Google+ fan and an iPad user then you’re probably well aware that there’s still no Google+ iPad app – and the iPhone app supports portrait mode only. So any little extra hooks into Google+ on the iPad are good news.

Like a clever bookmarklet tool from developer, curious hacker, and G+ user Matt Mastacci – which makes it dead easy to share a link to Google+ from within the Safari browser app on the iPad.

Here’s how to make this work:

— Copy this text to somewhere you can access it on the iPad – email to it yourself or use an app like Pastebot if you have one:

javascript:void window.open(‘https://plus.google.com/share?url=‘ + encodeURIComponent(location.href), ‘_blank’, ‘width=500,height=500’)

— Tap and hold on that text on the iPad and choose Copy from the popover command bar.

— Open Safari on the iPad

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Joining a Google+ Hangout from the iPad

Google Hangout

Last week the Google+ iOS app, which right now is designed for iPhone but able to run on the iPad, was updated to Version (is that joke not getting old by now?).

One of the biggest new features in the update is the ability to join Google+ hangouts from within the app. Hangouts are one of the coolest features of Google+ so this is a very nice add-in for the iOS app.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to give it a quick try. I joined a hangout started by Steven Hodson, and it all worked well. Even though I was running an iPhone app in 2X mode, the video quality was OK and audio was fine. I did find that I wasn’t able to join when Steven chose to create a ‘hangout with extras’.

A bonus bit of fun for me was that Louis Gray joined in the hangout to get a chance to chat with Steven. Louis is the new Product Marketing Manager for Google+ and an excellent blogger on social networks and more. I knew Louis from Friendfeed and actually got my Google+ invite on its first night in private beta from him – so it was cool to meet him quickly in a hangout.

I enjoy Google+ so I’m hoping we’ll soon see the ability to create hangouts from the iOS app, and of course an iPad or universal app.

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Google+ App Updated – Adds (less than full) iPad Support

Google Updated

Google has updated their Google+ iOS app today, to Version (didn’t they have enough fun with numbers in their recent patent bids?).

This update lists ‘iPod Touch & iPad support’ as one of its additions. Sadly, for the iPad this just means that the existing iPhone app will now run on iPad. It is not yet a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

So you can run the app – but only in its 1X (tiny floating in the middle of screen, as shown above) mode or 2X pixel-doubled up mode. It has no landscape mode and it definitely doesn’t look great, but it’s usable on the iPad now – so that’s a start.

Here’s an App Store link for Google+; it’s a free app.

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How To Get Google+ On Your iPad


I’m sure most of you are aware Google+ is the hot, shiny new thing in terms of social sites – with something like 18 million members after just a few weeks of existence and while still not fully ‘open to the public’. And I know at least some of you are using Google+ and liking it.

Earlier this week the Google+ iPhone app was released, but sadly there was no iPad or universal app offered.

Well, now there’s a workaround for those of use who would like to run Google+ on our shiny, magical tablets – and the good folks at iDownload Blog were kind enough to share the simple steps to get it going on the iPad. I’ve tried out their method this morning and it works just as advertised.

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Google+ on the iPad

Google oniPad

So Google+ has created a huge buzz this week, at least among lots of early adopter / geeky types that I like socializing with on the web. It’s Google’s latest effort at ‘social’, a potential Facebook rival that Google says is not trying to be one; and maybe a potential replacement for the greatest underappreciated social network, Friendfeed.

There were certainly lots of Friendfeeders jumping onto Google+ last night – and that was big fun to see and to be part of. Google+ looks good so far, though I’ve only just got started with it last night (thanks to Louis Gray for the invite). One of its core ideas is that you don’t always want to share things with everyone, you may want to share different things and discuss certain topics, only with specific groups of people. To help you do this Google+ uses Circles. Circles are holders for people you want to interact with on the service. By default you have circles for Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Following (people whose streams you want to follow), and you can add more of your own.

I spent most of my time with Google+ last night on my Mac, but I also had a quick look at using it on the iPad. There’s no native iOS app yet, so I accessed it via Safari at m.google.com/plus. The mobile site for Google+ is OK, serviceable for now; but definitely not great. You can see your stream, comment on posts, and share new posts, but you can’t upload photos yet. You can switch over to Desktop view and things look much nicer, but you can’t comment or create a post if you switch to that mode.

Have you tried Google+ yet? If so, what do you think of it? If you want to catch up with me on there you can find me under my full name, Patrick Jordan.

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