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Review: Hitman GO for iPad

Hitman GO for iPad

Hitman GO is a brilliant and surprisingly charming adaptation of the Hitman concept. Hitman games have always been played from a third-person perspective, and required precise timing and thorough knowledge of your surroundings to successfully assassinate your targets. Hitman GO, on the other hand, plays more like a board game. It’s sort of like Monopoly — but instead of making a killing, you’re just killing.

This mobile version of the game removes the need for reflexes or advanced scouting; instead, it trains the player to become an efficient, route-planning eraser of people. You swipe on your character, Agent 47, to move him one space at a time, and each time you move, the enemies on the level will react in some way (by patrolling or turning around). Some levels are as simple as weaving your way around the enemy patrols until you reach the exit, while others will have you using items (rocks, sniper rifles, and trap doors) in the environment to find your way to a target and take them out.

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