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iBooks App Updated – Adds PDF Support, Notes, and Bookmarks

iBooks app updated

The iBooks app has been updated, as promised at Apple’s recent WWDC 2010 keynote address.  The new version number for the app is 1.1 and the major new features added include:

  • PDFs added to the Library area of the app – so you can browse and open PDF files imported via email or iTunes sync from within the app
  • The ability to add notes to pages of books and PDFs
  • More bookmarking options

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iBooks To Be Updated Today – Will Add Notes, Ability to View PDFs and More

iBooks app adds features

Today’s WWDC 2010 keynote address was focused very much on the iPhone and the new iPhone 4 in particular – but there were still some bits of good news for iPad owners as well, starting with the new iOS 4 that is due to hit the iPad in the fall.

There was also word that the iBooks app is due for an update today, and is adding some major new features:

Now you can make notes. In addition, we’ve added a control to just tap and bookmark a page — under ToC you’ll see all the notes, highlights, and bookmarks

We’ve added another big enhancement — the ability to view and read PDFs. So we’ve built that in. You can now view PDFs. We’ve put a little selector at the top — books and PDFs. You get a whole new bookshelf just for PDFs, they just look gorgeous.

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iBooks Rolling Out Alongside International iPad Launch

iBooks app

Apple will be rolling out its iBooks app and iBookstore internationally alongside the iPad’s launch on Friday, May 28. Press releases from the UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan indicate that the iBooks app for iPad, including the iBookstore, will be available as a free download from the App Store on May 28 …

That’s a slice from a report at iLounge on the international rollout of the iBooks app for iPad.

This makes sense – as iBooks is one of the headline features of the iPad and it would be a shame to see it lag far behind the launch of the iPad itself in international markets.

iLounge has updated their original post on this with news of confirmations from Apple that Spain, Italy, France, and Germany will also see iBooks available on May 28.

Via: iLounge

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Free ePub eBooks Can Be Synced to iPad – Steve Jobs Says So


As expected, it has been confirmed by Steve himself that free ePub ebooks can be synced to the iPad via iTunes.

Apparently Steve Jobs is continuing to reply to user questions on all things iPhone and iPad – this time even firing off a reply from his iPad.  This one was in reply to a question about whether we’ll be able to load free ePub format ebooks onto the iPad via iTunes. 

This is great news if you’re a fan of grabbing up classics from sources like the superb Project Gutenberg.  Another reason to look forward to seeing the iBooks app in action.

Via: Gizmodo

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