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UPDATED: The merits of using iCloud Drive on the iPad

icloud-driveFor me a perfect world in terms of productivity at the office as well as at home would reside exclusively around Apple products. Macs became my computer of choice early on in my life based on their ease of use.  This fineness for Apple products also extended to iPhones and eventually iPads.  Unfortunately, though, I don’t have a choice when it comes to my tech at the office. I have worked for the government for close to twenty years now, and we are even less likely to have new and/or progressive tech at our disposal.  Luckily, with the addition of iCloud Drive a couple of years ago, I’m not as restricted as I once was.  With a simple internet connection I have access to my other iCloud synched devices via my browser window.

There are many options for consumers when it comes to cloud solutions for data storage these days.  Most are affordable, and easy to use.  However, like with many “services”, sometimes there are too many options available that can make the process of settling on a solution stressful and frustrating.

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