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How to get an additional 30GB of iCloud storage for free


When Apple first introduced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus back in September they also, without much fanfare,  increased iCloud storage plans. Although they didn’t upgrade the standard 5GB of iCloud storage that comes with every iOS device, Apple did drastically improve the cloud storage limits of their existing plans.

New iCloud Storage Plans

  • 50GB –> $0.99 / month (2.5X more storage for the same price).
  • 200GB –> $2.99 / month (cost reduced by 25%).
  • 500GB –> $9.99 / month (discontinued).
  • 1TB–>  $9.99 / month (cost reduced by 50%).

Finally, Apple’s new iCloud plans are much more competitive and can compete with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Dropbox. Unfortunately, these upgrades, while offered at the same cost or even lower than previous iCloud plans, do not upgrade automatically for existing users. So how can you upgrade your current iCloud plan to one of the new storage plans at no additional cost to you?

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