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Choosing Lightroom Over iCloud Photo Library in iOS 10

Lightroom and iCloud Photo Library

Yesterday was the first time I finally felt confident enough in Lightroom to turn off iCloud Photo Library. I had been jumping between the two services for a while, using Lightroom as my main photo library, but still keeping a few backups in iCloud.

I still love how iCloud Photo Library syncs so beautifully in the background. I liked the ability to just open up my iPad and have all the shots from my iPhone already there, as if by magic. But the major caveat to iCloud Photo Library is that it just doesn’t do a very good job of optimizing a photo library for easy, consistent access.

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iOS 10 Release Date and Specifications – Infographic

ios-10 images

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 10 on 13 June, 2016 and now going to launch the full version probably in September. Now the good news is that iPhone app developers can build more powerful apps.

Now app developers will be able to make the apps available for download directly from the app store to iMessage. In the latest version of iOS, app developers can create sticker packs for purchase.

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Deals: PRE-SALE, The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course at 98% off

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course

Today’s featured deal is perfect for anyone who is interested in becoming a developer for the iOS platform–specifically iOS 10. Now you can get a head start on learning how to program with their massive 80 hour programming class.  For a limited time you can purchase the Complete iOS 10 Developer Course at an incredible savings of 98% off! It’s an amazing deal that will run you only $29 – instead of its standard price of $1498.  Here’s some info about the iOS 10 Developer Course and how you can take advantage of this deal while it lasts…

Limited Time Offer – Get It Now! The iOS 10 public beta is almost here, and now is the time to jump ahead of the coming tidal wave of iOS 10 developers. This massive, 80-hour course will immerse you in the basics of iOS programming, and get you up to speed with iOS 10 specifics, like the significantly improved artificial intelligence and Siri function. With John Bura’s massively popular iOS 9 course included free, you’ll have time to sharpen your development skills before diving into all the new features of iOS 10.

  • Master iOS 10 development w/ 80 hours of content
  • Learn the basics of coding in Swift & building apps in iOS 10
  • Work w/ iOS 10’s new facial recognition capability
  • Use SiriKit to build apps that function better w/ Siri
  • Optimize iOS 10’s significantly improved artificial intelligence
  • Build games w/ SpriteKit Games
  • Develop apps for TVOS, iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch

Customers will receive an email notification as soon as this course is ready for viewing! iOS 10 release is estimated for August or September 2016.

To see more details, and to place an order, visit this iPad Insight Deals page.

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9.7″ iPad Pro First Impressions

iPad Pro

This weekend I was finally able to update my iPad to a brand new 9.7″ iPad Pro.  I had been wanting to upgrade for a couple of years.  However, between my 15″ rMBP and my iPhone 6s Plus, I had been able to limp along using my iPad 3 since I acquired it in April of 2012. When the iPad 3 was first introduced along side iOS 5.1 it was the first version in the iPad family to utilize a retina screen.  Originally marketed as “the new iPad” owners like myself soon discovered that the new A5X chip was not adequate to move pixels around the screen without slowing the device down considerably.  In addition, this thicker iPad would run much hotter than its predecessor–an issue that was even harder to manage if you chose to put your iPad in a case.  Needless to say, this is a big jump for me, so keep that in mind when I seem extra excited about features that many iPad owners have had at their disposal for a couple of years.

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