iOS 4.3 for iPad and iPhone Is Out – Adds Safari Speed-boost, AirPlay Enhancements and More


As predicted by yesterday’s revised rumors, iOS 4.3 has been released today and is available for download and install right now in iTunes. As with any iOS update, you just need to plug your iPad into your PC and you should be prompted that there is an update available to apply. If you’re not just click the Update button on the info page for your iPad and then you’ll get prompted.

The big additions that the 4.3 update brings to the iPad are:

Safari Performance Boost: There’s a new ‘Nitro JavaScript Engine’ that is said to run javascript twice as fast as in iOS 4.2 – meaning faster page loads.

AirPlay Enhancements: There’s now support for streaming videos from the Photos app, and support for video out of third party apps was promised for this update, though Apple’s wording on their 4.3 for iPad page is a little vague to say the least:

Even AirPlay-enabled apps and websites get the big-screen treatment with iOS 4.3.

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Looks Like No iOS 4.3 Update Coming Today, Maybe Tomorrow


It looks like earlier rumors that we might see iOS 4.3 released today were over-optimistic. I just checked a few minutes ago (nearly an hour after the supposed release time) and there’s no update available.

The Loop has an article up saying they still expect an earlier release than the announced March 11 date – and point at tomorrow as being the likely release day. I feel optimistic about this as well, as I think it makes a lot of sense for Apple to have a little breathing space between the launches of the iPad 2 and the new OS update for iPad and iPhone.

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Rumor – iOS 4.3 To Be Released at 1:00PM Eastern Today


Image Source: Engadget

Well, here’s quite an interesting Rumor of the Day – and happily it’s one that can be verified, or not, within just a few hours. BGR has heard that Apple will release iOS 4.3 – the latest update to the iPad and iPhone operating system – at 1:00 PM Eastern today.

That would be three full days ahead of the announced release date of March 11 (same as the iPad 2).

BGR’s source also offered them information on the new personal hotspot feature for iPhone 4:

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Apple’s personal hotspot feature, specifically it’s capability of only supporting 3 wireless connections (as opposed to 5 like many other devices). Well, we have been told it’s all left to the carrier to decide. If a carrier requests it, five devices will be supported, but by default, it’s three.

iOS 4.3 brings a few nice new features to the iPad – including better / faster Safari performance, iTunes home sharing, AirPlay support for 3rd party apps, and of course the ability to get the rotation lock back on its original external button.

I’ll definitely be checking iTunes for this update at midday.

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iOS 4.3 Gold Master Released for Developers


Today Apple has released the GM seed, or gold master, version of the soon-to-be released iOS 4.3 for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

A gold master build is generally near identical to the final public release – only likely to change if major bugs are discovered and fixable between GM release and final.

I’m downloading the new build now and will post about any fun new things I see in it if I spot any.

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What’s New in the (coming soon) iOS 4.3 Update


According to rumors last week Apple is expected to release the next update to iOS – the operating system for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch – on Valentines Day, a week from today. The update will be iOS 4.3.

Among the notable changes iOS 4.3 will bring are:

The Return of the Rotation Lock (huge cheers from the crowd). Yes, by popular demand it would seem, iOS 4.3 will offer a Settings option where you can choose to make the external button at the top right of the iPad a rotation lock again, or keep it as a mute switch.

AirPlay Video Support for 3rd Party Apps. Up to now, only a couple of built-in apps from Apple are able to steam video to an Apple TV (2nd gen). 4.3 will allow for 3rd party apps to do this as well. I’m running the latest 4.3 beta, but haven’t seen any 3rd party apps that support it yet.

Subscription Options for Newspaper and Magazine Apps – this one is not 100%, but it is hoped and expected that Apple will extend the subscription options offered by The Daily to all newspaper and magazine titles. Maybe we’ll even see a Newsstand app or section added to iBooks to go along with this. I’d like that as it would save the home screen getting littered with all sorts of individual titles.

Support for WiFi Hotspot feature – primarily for use with the new Verizon iPhone.

Are you all looking forward to the 4.3 update?  Are you running iOS 4.2 now?

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iOS 4.3 Beta 3 Out (for developers)

  The latest beta version of the upcoming iOS 4.3 was released just a short while ago by Apple, for registered developers. This latest version is beta 3, and is hopefully getting close to what will become the final build of iOS 4.3. I’m downloading the iPad beta now and will post again if I […]

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iPad Rotation Lock Is Back in iOS 4.3 Beta

The iPad Rotation Lock is back in the latest iOS beta. As the screenshot above – from my colleague Brandon – shows, in the current iOS 4.3 beta (released only to registered developers for now) there is a Settings option to use the hardware switch at the top right of the iPad as either a […]

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iOS 4.3 Beta Released for Developers

iOS 4.3 beta and iOS 4.3 SDK beta are now available to iOS Developer Program members. Start adding the new capabilities of this beta release to your apps including the ability to stream video to Apple TV using AirPlay, iAd full screen banners, and HTTP Live Streaming statistics. That’s from an email Apple sent out […]

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