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Can We Have Bigger Folders on iPad Please?

Folders on iPhone iOS 4

Random Monday morning thought here.  I was re-arranging a few apps / home screens on my iPad a little while ago, and it occurred to me that I really miss the ability to consolidate screens through the use of folders – which of course I can do on my iPhone 4 because it runs iOS 4.

iOS 4 is not due to hit the iPad until ‘this Fall’ and I am already feeling impatient to have it.  While thinking about folders though, I did think that I’d like to see bigger folders on the iPad, that can hold more than the measly 12 apps allowed on the iPhone. 

Bigger device, bigger app icons, bigger screen – so bigger folders should work well I reckon.  Allowing us something like 24 apps per folder would work much better I think – as most of us have at least a couple of folder categories (Games, News, Books are just 3 quick examples for me) that just don’t fit within a single folder if 12 is the limit.

What do you all think?  Would you be in favor of bigger folders if Steve asked us all to phone in our votes on this?  What other modifications would you like to see in iOS 4 when it comes to the iPad?

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Apps Designed for iPhone 4 Will Fill the iPad Screen

iOS 4 apps on iPad screen

It seems obvious in retrospect to consider that apps designed for iPhone 4 will nearly fill an iPad display. Conversely, iPad apps will nearly fit into the new phone’s Retina display without modification.

The iOS app developer of Make Coffee depicts on its site how apps with a native resolution version designed for iPhone 4 will look on iPad (below); it’s the same as a pixel doubled version of a standard iPhone app, but in high resolution of course.

That’s very good news – as nearly all iPad owners I’ve talked to are not fond at all of current iPhone apps on the iPad, and most say they have very few non-iPad / universal apps left on their devices.  This should change that scenario quite a bit I think.

Via: Apple Insider

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