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Quick Thoughts on iOS 7 and the iPad

iOS 7

iOS 7 Features

As expected, Apple previewed iOS 7 at yesterday’s WWDC 2013 keynote event and announced that it will be released to the public this fall. iOS 7 is of course the next generation of the operating system for iPad and iPhone.

I watched the entire keynote via Apple’s live stream, and looked on most intently during the section devoted to the iOS 7 preview and demos. Now I’ve got a few quick thoughts on iOS 7 and its impact on the iPad in particular.

These are just my very quick reactions to what we learned at the keynote, and they may change drastically once I actually spend time with iOS 7 on the iPad.

The Good

Multitasking for All Apps: With some intelligent scheduling and other clever functionality built in – this all sounds very impressive.

New App Switching Method: Looks a lot like webOS cards and nicely done in most ways.

Control Center: Quick access to services toggles and some settings is nice, and also long, long overdue.

iWork for iCloud: Looked promising and it’s very good to see that it works on both Mac and Windows. If it works as well as advertised then it should provide a good alternative to purchasing desktop companion apps when you’re using the iWork apps on iPad.

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