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App Store Featuring ‘Designed for iOS 7’ Apps

Apps Designed for iOS 7

If you’re looking for iOS 7 ready iPad apps, the App Store is doing its best to have you covered this week. For starters, there’s a new app collection titled ‘Designed for iOS 7’.

This section features over 30 apps, from a broad range of categories, that are highlighted as being designed for the shiny, new version of iOS. Some of the notable apps in the collection include NYTimes for iPad, TED, OpenTable, Clear, Reeder 2, Twitterrific 5, Zite, Pocket, and Evernote.

Interestingly, the Best New Apps section for this week gives a repeat mention to many of the apps included in the ‘Designed for iOS 7’ section.

Apple doesn’t generally miss a beat when it comes to making us aware of all the shiny new apps that are built for its latest generation of iOS – and the App Store this week is doing a fine job of that. Of course there are also plenty of other good iOS 7 ready apps that didn’t make the featured lists as well.

Do you have any big favorite iOS 7 iPad apps yet? If so, please share them in the comments.

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How to Quit Apps in iOS 7

iOS 7 Multitasking Cards

As you know if you’ve got it installed over the last couple days, iOS 7 brings a wealth of exciting new features. One of them is real, intelligent multitasking for all apps.

Along with the new multitasking there’s also a new method for switching between apps and quitting apps. It’s very simple and also a more elegant method than in iOS 6.

You still get to the multitasking controls via the same two methods as before: a double-tap of the home button or a four-finger swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen. In iOS 7 rather than seeing just app icons we now see card style thumbnails of running apps. These cards even show the current state of each app.

To switch to any of the apps, just tap on its card. To quit any of the apps, just swipe up on its card.

There’s even a card for the home screen, the one you were last on before invoking the multitasking bar. A quick tap on that card takes you back to that home screen and saves a wee bit of wear and tear on the home button.

That’s all there is to it. Hope you’re all enjoying the new multitasking controls and other new iOS 7 features.

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Notable New Features & Changes in iOS 7 for iPad

iOS 7 New Things iPad

iOS 7 made its public debut yesterday and judging by the slamming that Apple’s activation servers took, it looks like there’s plenty of excitement about the newest version of iOS. Hopefully lots of you have already been able to get iOS 7 installed on your iPads.

So this seems like a fine time to talk about some of the most exciting new features and notable changes in iOS 7 on the iPad. Here’s a quick rundown that does just that:

Control Center: This is a new panel that’s full of useful controls – lead by the ability to quickly toggle key services on and off. With a single tap in Control Center you can toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Sound, Do Not Disturb Mode, AirDrop, and AirPlay on or off. From here you can also adjust brightness, adjust volume and use basic music player controls, start up the Timer feature in the Clock app, and open the Camera app. To launch Control Center you just swipe up with one finger from the bottom of the iPad screen.

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Roll Your Own Parallax Wallpapers for iOS 7 with the Deko App

iPad Parallax wallpapers

iOS 7 will be released today, in less than 2 hours in fact if all goes as expected. Of course this means lots of cool new features on iPad and iPhone.

It also brings a revamped look and feel to iOS – with a ‘flatter’ look, new icons, and the much-talked-about parallax effects and wallpapers.

Now I’m sure all of you will be wrapped up in discovering new features and ways to use them to be more productive on your iPad today. But just in case you have a little bit of spare time to mess around with iPad wallpapers, I’ve got a suggestion for you.

Take a look at the freshly updated Deko app for unique wallpapers and patterns. The app lets you create your own wallpapers and is freshly updated for iOS 7 and offers ‘pixel-perfect parallax wallpapers for iOS 7’.

I’ve been playing with it a bit this morning (while waiting on a productive backup routine, cough, really I have, cough) and finding it good fun and finding some designs I like for my home screen.

Here’s an App Store link for Deko; it’s a free app.

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iOS 7 Due Tomorrow – Getting Ready

iPad iCloud Backup

So iOS 7 is set for public release tomorrow, September 18. It will be the latest generation of iOS, bringing real, intelligent multitasking; elegant app switching, a new Control Center for fast access to service toggling and more, enhancements to Notification Center, and a major new overhaul to its look and feel.

It’s also a 64-bit operating system, which should deliver an exciting performance boost for the OS itself and for apps that are rewritten for it.

So there’s lots to look forward to with the release of iOS 7 and it might be worth taking a little bit of time to get your iPad ready to make a smooth transition to the latest version of iOS. The one big thing you can do in this area is to get a backup of your iPad done today, or tomorrow at some point before updating to iOS 7.

You can do a backup of your iPad via iTunes when connected to your Mac or Windows PC via USB cable or you can use iCloud Backup. I much prefer iCloud Backup and restore for a number of reasons. One is that I’m a lazy git and if I don’t have to fuss with cables and the not-so-speedy iTunes I’m happy. The main reason though is that iCloud Backup is brilliant and a pleasure to use.

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Seeing More iOS 7 iPad App Updates Today

iPad and iOS 7

With iOS 7 due for its public release in just a couple of days, on September 18, I am starting to see a decent number of IPad apps issuing updates for the soon-to-be newest version of iOS.

Just today I’ve seen iOS 7 updates for apps like GoodReader, CNN, Photogene, Speedtest.net, GoComics, Quip, and Analytics for iPad. And of course I’m only seeing updates for the roughly 200 apps I’ve got installed on my iPad mini.

I’d say the pace of updates today is a good sign, and I expect this pace will only increase over the course of this week and the next few weeks.

Are you all starting to see a good flurry of iOS 7 updates for your iPads too?

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Time for iOS 7 on My Everyday iPad

iOS 7 on iPad mini


Over recent months I’ve been running each of the successive iOS 7 betas on my iPad 3, and getting to know the soon-to-be new current generation of iOS. My iPad 3 is not my go-to daily driver iPad though. That role has been taken over by my iPad mini for a long while now.

Since we learned yesterday that the public release of iOS 7 is just a week away now (9/18), and yesterday the gold master version of iOS 7 was made available for developers, I figure it’s time to run iOS 7 on my iPad mini. I’ve installed the iOS 7 gold master today and my iPad mini has nearly finished restoring apps from an iCloud backup. I love iCloud backup for just this sort of scenario.

I’m keen to see how much smoother / more solid the GM build is on my iPad mini – and also to see how apps compatibility with iOS 7 is looking. I have over 200 apps installed on the iPad mini, so I should be able to get a good feeling for how quickly developers are moving and how fast the iOS 7 app updates are flowing. And of course I’ll share anything interesting that I learn in those areas.


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iOS 7 Release Set for September 18, GM Seed Released to Developers Today

iOS 7 GM


Apple has released the iOS 7 GM Seed, or Gold Master, to developers today – and announced that iOS 7 will be released to the public on September 18.

The GM build is usually near identical to a final public release, and iOS developers have also been asked to start submitting their iOS 7 apps – and some already have.

As I just mentioned in my previous post we now also know that iOS 7 boasts 64-bit support – a very impressive new feature.

I’ve only just installed the iOS 7 GM build minutes ago. I’ll post again of I notice anything particularly interesting in this last pre-release build.

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Some Good iPad News from Today’s iPhone Event

iOS 7 64 bit

Today’s special Apple event was heavily focused on the iPhone, with two new iPhones announced – the iPhone 5s and 5c.There was little to no mention of the iPad, as expected.

Even so, there is some good news for the iPad that emerged during the event. During the unveiling of the iPhone 5s it was noted that it will have a new A7 system on a chip and that it is the first-ever 64-bit smartphone. As you can see in the above screenshot, Apple also let us know that iOS 7 has 64-bit support.

I would be shocked if this year’s new iPad models – the expected 5th gen iPad and 2nd gen iPad mini – do not also have the 64-bit A7 chip. That would be one big new feature right off the bat for new iPads.

Roll on October so we can hopefully hear about those new iPad models.

Photo courtesy of the event liveblog at The Verge

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Where to Follow Apple’s iPhone Event Live Today

iPhone Event

Today Apple is expected to announce the next generation of the iPhone – at a live event that starts at 1:00PM Eastern. It’s widely expected that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S and also a lower cost new model dubbed an iPhone 5C by rumors and tech pundits.

There is little to no expectation of hearing any new iPad news today from Apple – but there are still a number of reasons for iPad users to be more than a little interested in today’s Apple event. For starters, we’re likely to hear the latest on iOS 7 and when it will be released. We may also hear about new models or new initiatives for Apple TV. And of course, we’ll also get a good feeling for how impressive, or not, the new iPhones are.

I’ll certainly be tuning in to the event.So, what are the best ways to follow it live? Thus far, there are not as many big sites planning live blogs as I’ve seen for many past Apple events. The two best I’ve seen and that I will follow along at are these:

Engadget: these guys have been live blogging Apple events for as long as I can remember, and do a great job of it.

The Verge: great all-round tech site and their live blog coverage of recent Apple events has been very good.

I am also hoping that Apple may announce they’re live streaming the event at some point this morning, as they have with several of their most recent events of this type. If they do, I’ll update this post with a link to their live events page.

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Release of iOS 7 for iPad Possibly Running Behind Release for iPhone


It looks like Apple may be considering releasing iOS 7 for iPad a few weeks after the new version of iOS is released for the iPhone. At least according to what 9to5Mac is hearing:

While iOS 7.0 for iPhone is locked for the iPhone 5S launch in mid-September, there’s chatter inside Apple about the potential of holding back the iPad version for an iOS 7.0.1 release between late September and October; perhaps alongside fresh new iPad hardware.

This would be no great shock of course, since development of iOS 7 for the iPad has been said to be running behind the iPhone ever since iOS 7 was unveiled by Apple. This was reinforced by the first iOS 7 beta coming to the iPad two weeks after the first beta for the iPhone.

Although I’m as impatient as the next iPad fan to see iOS 7, a few weeks more waiting for the final release for iPad is not a big deal. I do hope we’re going to see some news about the iPad from Apple in the next month or so – it’s been a long (calendar) year of no new iPad releases.

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