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iOS 7 Beta 3 for iPad Available Now

iOS 7 Beta 3 for ipad

Apple has released iOS 7 beta 3 for the iPad today for registered iOS developers.

iOS 7 beta 3 is available as an OTA (over the air) update via Settings > General > Software Update. It weighs in at 164MB and took around 12 minutes to download for me earlier this afternoon – so it looks like Apple’s update servers are fairly busy. :)

I’ve only had the new beta installed for a short while and have not had a chance to take a major look around yet. If I spot any interesting changes I’ll share them here of course.

For those of you who are developers or registered testers, happy downloading.

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iOS 7 Little Things: New Symbol Indicates Automatically Downloaded Apps

iOS 7 New App Indicator

Here’s a little detail in iOS 7 that I hadn’t noticed or read about before. There’s a new symbol used on app icons to indicate apps that have arrived on the iPad via automatic downloads. There’s now a little blue dot just to the left of the app’s title text to show that it’s one that was added via an automatic download.

Automatic Downloads is a feature that you can toggle on or off in Settings. When it is turned on all of your new purchase (including free app installs) on any of your other devices with your iTunes account setup will automatically download to the iPad. So, for instance, I recently installed all of the apps shown in the screenshot above on my iPad mini. I have Automatic Downloads enabled on my iPad 3 which is running the current iOS 7 beta 2 – so each of these apps has been added automatically to the iPad 3, and has the little blue dot next to its name.

I also notice that apps that are newly installed no longer have a ‘New’ badge across their app icon in iOS 7.

These are very minor little tweaks, and they may not last through the betas and into the final release of iOS 7 – but I’d say the blue dot for automatically downloaded apps is a helpful addition. In my case, it served to remind me that I had the Automatic Downloads feature enabled.

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Background App Refresh Settings in iOS 7

iOS 7 Background App Refresh

One of the most exciting new features of iOS 7 is real multitasking for all apps. Apple even touts it as being ‘smart’ multitasking – as it will learn from our usage patterns with apps.

It looks like users will have a level of control over at least some of what apps can do in the background – as seen in a new Settings page titled ‘Background App Refresh’.

The Background App Refresh page, under the General section of Settings, lets you toggle Background App Refresh on or off. Here’s the descriptive text just below the button to toggle this on or off:

Allow apps to refresh their content when on WiFi or cellular, or use Location Services, in the background. Turning off apps may help preserve battery life.

As you can see in the screencap above, right now only four of my installed apps, all Newsstand titles, are showing up as using the Background App Refresh feature. It will be very interesting to see which apps start supporting this feature as we move through later iOS 7 betas and after public release. I’m keen to see the uptake among news and RSS apps in particular.

I imagine, if this setting stays in place in the iOS 7 public release, this will be an area some of us will want to babysit a fair bit. As in, just as with notifications or Location Services, I may not want all apps making use of this feature.

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iOS 7 Lets You Mark All Mail Messages As Read with Just a Couple Taps

iOS 7 Mail Mark All As Read

iOS 7 looks set to offer a few nice new features for the built-in Mail app – or at least they’re on offer right now in iOS 7 beta 2.

One of the most notable new features is the ability to mark all messages as read in the Mail app. It’s very easy to do in iOS 7 beta 2. When you’re in the Inbox area of the Mail app you just tap the Edit button at the top right of the left sidebar, then tap ‘Mark All’ down at the bottom right of the sidebar, and then tap ‘Mark as Read’.

In the same way you can also mark all as unread again or flag all.

It’s worth noting that, as with all beta software, features that are currently in the iOS 7 betas may not make it into the final public release. Here’s hoping this one does.

I spotted this new feature via Rob LeFebvre’s post at Cult of Mac.

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iOS 7 on an iPad 3: Some First Impressions

iOS 7 iPad Control Center on lock screen

Apple released iOS 7 beta 2 this past Monday, and made it available for the iPad 2 and above. I installed it on my iPad 3rd gen Monday afternoon initially and actually had it up and running properly by yesterday morning. I’ve been using it pretty heavily since then and thought I’d share some very quick first impressions and notes on this iOS 7 beta on the iPad 3.

Installation and Setup

Of course the first thing you need to know is that these beta are intended for iOS developers and those who are registered as testers for developers. As with any beta software it is not intended for use on anything other than dedicated testing devices – as in, not recommended for your daily driver device.

The download of iOS 7 beta 2 for my iPad 3 (which is the AT&T WiFi + Cellular model) weighed in at 1.2GB.

The restore of iOS 7 beta 2 onto my iPad went quickly and when it was done I chose to do a restore of settings and apps from an iCloud backup that I made just a little before installing the beta. Mistake – big mistake.

It took hours upon hours to get all my 200+ apps reinstalled and, much more importantly, the iPad was virtually unusable afterwards. Just for starters, it got its time zone wrong, using GMT rather than US Central. Each time I tried to turn off automatically setting the time zone or manually changing it, the Settings app became unresponsive and caused either a Springboard reset or a spontaneous reboot of the iPad.

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iOS 7 Beta 2 Out, Available for iPad Now

iOS 7 on iPad

iOS 7 Beta 2 has been made available to developers by Apple today – and this time the beta is available for the iPad too. Beta 2 is available for iPad 2 and later devices – iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen and iPad mini.

That really didn’t take long – it’s just 2 weeks since Apple unveiled iOS 7 at their WWDC 2013 keynote event. At that time they said the first betas for iPad would be available in ‘coming weeks’. Nice to see the number of weeks turned out to be only a couple.

I have just installed the beta a short while ago and, as you can see in the screenshot above, I’m waiting on a restore of apps from iCloud.

As just a very quick lightning impression, I’ll say I like the look and feel of the new iOS 7 interface better than I expected to.

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A Little Peek at iOS 7 Icons & Home Screen on the iPad

iOS 7 iPad home screen

It’s pretty clear that Apple are running a bit behind in the development of iOS 7 for the iPad. In their WWDC 2013 keynote event unveiling of iOS 7 there was hardly a mention of iPad and not a single image of the new OS version running on an iPad.

The clearest evidence that iOS 7 for iPad is running a bit behind is that there was a developer beta for iPhone released on the day of the keynote event; while the first iPad beta is said to arrive ‘in coming weeks’.

In the meantime, the image above is about all we have to go on in terms of iOS 7 on the iPad. It’s an image that 9to5Mac is calling an ‘official’ look at iOS 7 on the iPad and iPad mini. It’s taken from the very bottom of Apple’s page on iOS 7 and its key features. I’ve shared this image once here already in my post about which iOS 7 features are compatible with which iPad models.

I don’t have any strong feelings about that image. I don’t hate the new ‘flat’ look, nor do I feel wowed by it. I’m far more excited about seeing how the new UI works and feels to use, and about trying out the new features of iOS 7 on the iPad.

I’ll definitely be running a beta as soon as one comes out for the iPad.

What do you all think? Any strong feelings about this first image of iOS 7 on the iPad?

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iOS 7: Which Features Will Work on Which iPad Models

iOS 7 Compatible withiPads comaptible with iOS 7

iOS 7 is the next generation of the iPad and iPhone operating system, due to be released to the public this fall. It will be compatible with the iPad 2 and above, but … there’s a little more to compatibility than just that.

Apple has made clear that not all features of iOS 7 will work on all compatible devices – and there are some stark differences between features available on latest gen devices and those that are a couple of years old. The iPad 2 is a clear example of this – according to a features table put together by Gizmodo it will be getting only *one* of the major new features of iOS 7 – iTunes Radio.

The table also shows that the iPad 3 will not get the AirDrop feature (for easy sharing of photos and documents with nearby friends). Here’s the table showing which features will be available on which iPad model:

iOS 7 Features Chart

If you’re an iPad 2 owner and you’re excited about iOS 7 features it might be a good time to start looking at upgrade options.

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Quick Thoughts on iOS 7 and the iPad

iOS 7

iOS 7 Features

As expected, Apple previewed iOS 7 at yesterday’s WWDC 2013 keynote event and announced that it will be released to the public this fall. iOS 7 is of course the next generation of the operating system for iPad and iPhone.

I watched the entire keynote via Apple’s live stream, and looked on most intently during the section devoted to the iOS 7 preview and demos. Now I’ve got a few quick thoughts on iOS 7 and its impact on the iPad in particular.

These are just my very quick reactions to what we learned at the keynote, and they may change drastically once I actually spend time with iOS 7 on the iPad.

The Good

Multitasking for All Apps: With some intelligent scheduling and other clever functionality built in – this all sounds very impressive.

New App Switching Method: Looks a lot like webOS cards and nicely done in most ways.

Control Center: Quick access to services toggles and some settings is nice, and also long, long overdue.

iWork for iCloud: Looked promising and it’s very good to see that it works on both Mac and Windows. If it works as well as advertised then it should provide a good alternative to purchasing desktop companion apps when you’re using the iWork apps on iPad.

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iOS 7 and iPad: Features, Compatibility & Details

iOS 7 Unveil

Apple announced iOS 7 yesterday at their WWDC 2013 keynote event. iOS 7 is the next major generation of the operating system that powers the iPad  and iPhone, and it offers some impressive new features.

Here are some of the important details you may want to know about iOS 7 and the iPad:

— Notable new features in iOS 7 include:

Multitasking (the ability to continue running in the background) for all apps – with some intelligent scheduling in the mix as well.

Control Center: A new method providing quick access to controls for some common services (eg toggle WiFi on and off, set Airplane mode, adjust brightness) with just a quick swipe up on a home screen or the lock screen.

Improvements to Notification Center: A new Today section provides useful information on birthdays,weather, traffic and more.

Photos App Changes: The app now automatically creates Collections and Moments based on the time when photos were taken and the locations they were taken in, which is touted as being a step up in terms of organizing our photos on iOS.

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iPad Really Took a Back Seat in Apple’s iOS 7 Demo

iOS 7 Demo

Apple unveiled iOS 7 today at their WWDC 2013 Keynote event, and of course there’s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming new version of iOS. I’ll collect my thoughts a little and share some on iOS 7 a little later.

One thing I wanted to comment on right away is how iPad seemed very much in the back seat during all of the talk about iOS 7. Almost every image shown on slides and in demos was an iPhone image. The iPad got an almost in passing sort of mention towards the end of the iOS 7 section of the event – something along the lines of ‘and of course all these features will come to the iPad too’.

More importantly, the first iOS 7 beta for developers is out today for the iPhone; while the betas for iPad are expected ‘in coming weeks’.

It almost feels a little like the iPad was relegated to a second class citizen compared to the iPhone today – which is pretty odd considering that the iPad is the device that still has a dominant market share and seemingly more momentum than the iPhone.

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